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Primeval Labs Teases Mega Pre Red

Mega Pre Red

Primeval Labs took to their social media accounts to tease the launch of their newest pre-workout, Mega Pre Red. Primeval Labs has two other variations of Mega Pre on the market, Mega Pre White and Mega Pre Black, both are highly rated.

Not much is known about Mega Pre Red at this time. Primeval Labs has not commented if this is going to replace Mega Pre Black or Mega Pre White, or if it is going to be another option for consumers.

What we do know is printed on the bottle. It appears that Mega Pre Red wil be a 40/20 serving pre-workout featuring 400mg Caffeine, 6g Citrulline and 400mg Alpha-GPC. The flavor on this one is Smashberry.

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Fitness Informant's POV

Primeval Labs making some noise! Mega Pre White and Mega Pre Black are two very popular pre-workouts that are highly rated. Their Instagram caption had "#new" and called it a "superhero." The 400mg Alpha-GPC (if we distinguished that correctly) will be a nice addition to the formula that we enjoyed.

Primeval Labs has been doing well on, this may have been a move to make more noise on that platform. All we know at this time is that if they formulated this product based on their reputation, it is going to be good!

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