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Primeval Labs To Launch Cherry Lemonade Mega Pre White

Primeval Labs is back, and this time, they have announced that they will be launching a new flavor of Mega Pre White. Mega Pre White has been out of stock for quite some time, and they are celebrating their restock with a new flavor. 

The new flavor is Cherry Lemonade, and is a popular flavor for other products in their line-up. So, Primeval thought. to bring the fun to their Mega Pre White pre-workout. Mega Pre White is a well-formulated pre-workout, and is actually slim-free. For those of you who like stimulants, know that Mega pre Black is another great pre-workout.

Be sure to stay tuned for a launch date, as well as any other news from Primeval Labs.

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Final Takeaway

Good news from Primeval. In our opinion, Primeval really knows how to make a solid pre-workout, and for some reason, they tend to get overlooked, even though their products are solid. This has a similar profile to their Mega Pre Black (main difference is the caffeine), and we are excited to try this new flavor out for ourselves.

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