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Primeval Labs Launches New Primalog

FIt Butters

Primeval Labs has just launched Primalog, a product that has been on a hiatus.

primalogWhile the product was initially released in the past, it was discontinued. Well now, Primeval is back with another packed formula, with the same name.

While the new formula will have a smaller serving size than the original, coming in at 5 capsules per serving, but still has an impressive formula, including 500mg of Berberine HCl, 500mg of Banaba Leaf, as well as AstraGin® to help with absorption.

Other ingredients in Primalog include Gymnema Sylvester Extract at 1g, Cinnamon Extract at 125mg, and R-ALA at 100mg. The R-ALA is nice to see, as it is a more bioavailable form of ALA. 

Primalog is a Glucose Disposal Agent, and has a variety of proven ingredients which may help with blood sugar levels. With Berberine being one of the most common ingredients used in GDAs, it’s nice to see them focus on it here a bit more. 

They are having a solid launch deal, so be sure to check out their website with the link below. 

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Final Takeaway

Nice launch here. We like seeing Glucose Disposal Agents becoming more and more popular these days. Primeval Labs makes some awesome products as it is, and usually their formulas are impressive. This one is no different. Oddly, we forgot that Primalog was discontinued, but this is a welcome surprise for us.

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