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RAZE Energy Announces Baja Lime As The Next Flavor

By February 23, 2020 No Comments
Baja Lime

RAZE Energy held another crowd sourced campaign to pick the newest flavor of our top rated energy drink. The fans have spoken, Baja Lime will be the next flavor of RAZE Energy.

This isn’t the first time RAZE Energy has held a crowd sourced campaign to decide the fate of their next flavor. In 2019 the brand allowed fans to pick the flavor, name and design of Voodoo, an orange drink that released around Halloween.

Baja Lime is considered the flavor of the next RAZE Energy. This is not the name. It also has nothing to do with the design of the can. Fans were asked to contribute potential names of the drink via RAZE Energy’s Instagram page. Fans will likely get to vote on can design as well.

Based on the flavor name, Baja Lime, we have to assume the flavor profile will be similar to Mountain Dew’s Baja Blast. 

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Fitness Informant's POV

RAZE Energy is the official energy drink of FI and for good reason. It is, in our humble opinon, the best energy drink on the market today. There are others that are decent as well, but RAZE has a variety of flavors and clean energy for everyone. If this is going to taste like Baja Blast then fans are in for a treat. We have not had a chance to try the new drink, but we are hoping to get some in soon to try and provide you with feedback ASAP.

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