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REPP Sports Set To Launch New Pre-Workout in 2020

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REPP Sports new PWO

REPP Sports launched in 2017 with a lot of hype. REPP sent brand reps across the continental US on a RV tour to get the word out about the brand. The brand offered quality sports nutritional supplements that were a bit more edgy than the competitive set. After over a year without new innovation, REPP Sports is back with a new pre-workout supplement.

Since the initial launch REPP has been quiet on the performance powder side. REPP Sports launched Raze Energy in 2018. REPP Sports focus and attention turned quickly to the RTD category as the brand made a huge investment into the manufacturing components of the carbonated beverage. After a year and a half focus away from the performance powders, REPP Sports is back to launching a new pre-workout powder. 

Details have not been fully released on the new pre-workout supplement. REPP Sports currently has Reactr and Broken Arrow for pre-workout supplements. The new pre-workout will be the brand’s first new product on that line since 2018. 

The new pre-workout from REPP Sports is set to launch in March 2020.

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Fitness Informant's POV

We are fans of both Reactr and Broken Arrow. Broken Arrow still has DMHA, which is a big seller for the brand. It will be interesting to see what we get out of this new pre-workout. We have our guesses but we will keep those close to the vest at this point. Sign-up above for alerts when more details are released.

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