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RYSE Project Blackout Labels Released

RYSE Project Blackout Labels Released

RYSE Supplements has finally stopped the tease and released both labels for their new Project Blackout pre-workout and pump product. The brand is calling their Project Blackout line a more “intense” line compared to their current white line.

RYSE Supplements Project Blackout Pre-Workout

RYSE Supplements Project Blackout Pre-WorkoutRYSE’s Project Blackout pre-workout is a more intense version of their highly rated OG version. The Project Blackout version will feature more of a pump complex than the OG, and it will still contain a solid focus profile.

RYSE is starting with 3.2g Beta-Alanine. Beta-Alanine has been shown to provide prolonged muscle endurance at the 3.2g level. The white version contains 2g Beta-Alanine, so a nice upgrade here. The next ingredient is Choline Bitartrate (VitaCholine) at 1.5g. In the white version they used the proven Cognizine at 200mg. These are both cognitive enhancing ingredients. Another cognitive ingredient used is Huperzine A at 100mcg. This is double the amount in the white version. Betaine Anhydrous is used at the accepted dosage of 1.5g; this is the same dosage as the white version. This aids in power output.

What is new in the black version is the use of nitrates for pump. We get Betaine Nitrate at 1g and Sodium Nitrate at 500mg. This is 1.5g nitrates for pumps. Added to that is 500mg Calcium Potassium Phosphate which will also aid in hydration and pump. The white version does not contain nitrates.

With the black version of the RYSE pre-workout, you are getting 350mg Caffeine Anhydrous. The white version has 275mg. This is an increase in intensity. Theobromine, similar to caffeine but also smooths the walls of blood vessels to help with the pump, is used at a massive 200mg. We typically see this at 100mg. They are also added SR Caffeine (sustained release). This is the VitaShure branded version. This will provide 60mg caffeine fora a total of 410mg caffeine…but not all hitting at once.

The new Project Blackout pre-workout will be a 25-serving container. 

Project Blackout Pre-Workout is set to be released mid-June.

RYSE Supplements Project Blackout Pump

RYSE Supplements Project Blackout PumpRYSE Supplements did not have a pump powder previously. They do now.  Yes, Project Blackout can be stacked with Project Blackout Pre-Workout, but you might be better off stacking this with the white Pre-Workout.

Pump will feature a non-stimulant profile that can be stacked with any stim-based pre-workout, or taken alone. It features 2.5g Betaine Anhydrous. This is also in the Project Black Pre-Workout. L-Taurine is used at 2g. Taurine is a solid amino acid that aids in regulating electrolytes. It can aid in the pump.

Nitrates are also used in the pump formula, like the pre-workout. It features NO3-T patent technology nitrates in the form of Arginine Nitrate (750mg), Betaine Nitrate (500mg) and Sodium Nitrate (250mg) for a total of 1.5g of NO3-T nitrates. This will aid in nitric oxide production.

The last part of the pump formula is 200mg VasoDrive-AP. This helps reduce the ability of the blood vessels to constrict, allowing blood to flow through widen blood vessels to get to where they need to be. The last ingredient is 100mg of Theobromine which we talked about earlier.

Project Blackout will also be a 25-serving unit.

Release date is mid-June.

Fitness Informant’s POV

I like the new formulas from RYSE. I love the use of nitrates in the pre-workout formula. The biggest thing from this is that you may elect to not stack these two together, which most will assume, but to stack one of the Project Blackout products with the white product. For example, stack the OG RYSE pre-workout with the RYSE Project Blackout Pump. The reason I say this is you would be doubling up on nitrates, and 1.5g nitrates should be enough to provide pumps to the majority of the population.

We are excited for these to launch and for us to try them. We are hoping we get our hands on them as we were fans of the RYSE Supplements white version pre-workout. 

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