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Soul Performance Nutrition Electrolyte Endurance Powder vs The Big Players

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Soul Essence vs. Gatorade vs. Pedialyte

Soul Performance Nutrition vs Pedialyte and Gatorade

One growing category in our space these days are electrolyte supplements. While electrolytes are nothing new, it seems as if brands are going away from offering simple BCAA supplements for workouts and are now focusing on helping their users stay hydrated. We like this trend, and while we are not saying that EAA/BCAA supplementation is worthless, we feel that focusing on proper hydration may be more beneficial. 

Why haven’t hydration products been as popular as many other products over the past few years? Well for the most part, products such as Gatorade and Pedialyte have had those covered for years now. What is the first product you think of when it comes to sports performance that helps keep you hydrated? Gatorade (or Powerade) for us. How about a hangover? Pedialyte comes to mind.

Gatorade and Pedialyte are staples, and will be for a long time, however that does not mean that there are better products out there. One perfect example of this is Soul Performance Nutrition’s Electrolyte Endurance Formula. We have gone over this in the past, but we’d really like to stack it up to the big dogs here. So let’s take a look at each product, and let you know why you could be getting more from your hydration formulas.


Gatorade is pretty much the most popular sports nutrition drink in the world. Go to any grocery store and there will be hundreds of options. For the purpose of this article, we are going to look at the sugar free GZero, as when we compare it to Electrolyte Endurance Powder, as neither have massive amounts of sugar in them. 

To make it very simple, it is a tasty way to get sodium and potassium in, which in turn may help you with hydration. Now this is a simple, yet effective way to go. Of course we have to mention that there are also artificial sweeteners in here, which some are not too fond of. 

Either way, simply look at GZero as artificially flavored water, with some sodium and potassium added to it. Certainly a nice convenient choice, however there are no real performance boosting benefits here. 


Another popular hydration product is Pedialyte. Pedialyte is a bit different from Gatorade, however they also have many variations. We are also going to be looking at the sugar free version as well. 

Pedialyte Zero Sugar is somewhat similar to Gatorade, as it contains not much more than just some electrolytes, and actually this one has some added Zinc to aid with a healthy immune system. You get Sodium, Chloride, and Potassium in Pedialyte Zero Sugar. So in a sense you’re already getting more than what you’d get in Gatorade in a way, however not much more.

While still excellent for hydration purposes, there are much better options out there to aid with performance at the gym. 

Soul Performance Nutrition Electrolyte Endurance Powder

Now we come to Electrolyte Endurance Powder, which is actually one of the better performance powders out there, and we love how it takes a different approach as an electrolyte formula.

It has everything both Gatorade and Electrolyte have, and a lot more. For electrolytes, you get everything you could ask for. Just like Gatorade and Pedialyte, you get nice amounts of Sodium Chloride, Magnesium, Potassium, Phosphate, and Calcium. Not only that, but Electrolyte Endurance Powder contains TRAACS minerals. These are high quality forms of minerals, and have high bioavailability. 

Like Pedialyte, it has Zinc as well to aid with Immune support. It also has a high quality form called Zinc Citrate, which has a high bioavailability.

Not only does it contain those electrolytes, it also contains some awesome performance enhancing ingredients. 

PeakO2 – 1g

PeakO2 is an ingredient from Compound Solutions that has been quite popular over the past few years. It is a patented blend of mushrooms, and has some awesome endurance enhancing properties. PeakO2 can help by increasing your VO2 Max, and it is actually one of our favorite ingredients for the purpose of endurance. 

While Beta-Alanine is still the kind of endurance, it can take a long time before you hit saturation. PeakO2 saturation occurs at 28 grams, so you need much less to get the benefits. 

You get one gram in here, so you will certainly notice your performance increase when you get close to finishing the tub. This is a product you should take every day. 

ElevATP – 150mg

ElevATP is an interesting ingredient that is an awesome addition. It is a mixture of Ancient Peat Extract and Apple Extract. It can help with endogenous ATP production.

ATP, also known as Adenosine Triphosphate, is the energy currency of the cell, and is very important for performance. A study actually showed that elevATP increased ATP production by 64% when compared to a placebo. 

At 150mg, you’re getting a clinical dose of ElevATP. Solid addition here to Electrolyte Endurance Powder.

Senactiv – 50mg

Senactiv is an ingredient form NuLiv Science, and it is an interesting one. It was once known as ActiGin, and it can help by helping your body get rid of senescent cells. It is a patented blend of Panax Notoginseng and Rosa Roxburghii. 

Senactiv can increase citrate synthase by 42%, improve endurance by increasing your VO2 max, and reduce inflammation. It can also increase muscle glycogen levels.

At 50mg, you’re getting a clinical dose. 

S7 – 50mg

S7 is the final ingredient in Soul Performance Nutrition. This is a blend of various fruits and vegetables that is typically found in pre-workouts and pump supplements. 

It has been shown to potentially increase Nitric Oxide levels by 230%. While not the best study behind this ingredient, it may still be beneficial due to the antioxidants it provides, and some like it as an add-on to their pre-workouts. 

At 50mg, it is at the clinical dose here in Electrolyte Endurance Powder.

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Final Takeaway

If you look above, you will see three products. Two if them are quite similar and very popular. The other one, Electrolyte Endurance Powder simply offers so much more. Usually when we speak of Intra-Workouts, we think just electrolytes and aminos. Soul Performance leaves out the unnecessary aminos, and provides a LOT more than just electrolytes. You get clinical doses of performance and endurance boosting ingredients such a S7, PeakO2, and Senactiv. 

While Gatorade and Pedialyte are fine for hydration purposes, if you want something that gives you a lot more without any unnecessary junk, then Electrolyte Endurance Powder is a much better option if you are serious about your performance and results in the gym.

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