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Sparta Nutrition Launches Marshmallow Cereal Spartan Whey

Spartan Whey Marshmallow Cereal

Sparta Nutrition teased a new cereal inspired Spartan Whey last month. The online world was a stir on the Fitness Informant page with guesses on what that next inspiration would be; many of their guesses were correct. Sparta Nutrition has officially launched Marshmallow Cereal.

Marshmallow Cereal will not have actual pieces of cereal or marshmallows in it. Sparta Nutrition doesn't do particulates in their protein powders.

Marshmallow Cereal Spartan Whey will join other cereal inspired flavors like Cinna Crunch, Fruity Cereal and Apple Cinnamon.

Marshmallow Cereal is available in very limited quantities on Sparta's website. It officially goes on sale at GNC's nationwide on Tuesday, May 7th.

Fitness Informant's POV

This was one of my guesses for their next cereal flavor. I thought either this or a Cocoa Puffs, but they already have a chocolate protein so this made more sense. I am curious to see what the flavor tastes like. I have had other "Lucky Charms" inspired proteins, some good and some bad. It is a skill to nail the flavoring. Since Sparta isn't the first company to tackle this flavor, my expectation is they learned from the flavors that were not-so-good and made this amazing. 

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