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SteelFit Launches Steel Pump Black Cherry Slushie


SteelFit is back once again, and this time it is with a new flavor of Steel Pump. Not only did they launch their Steel Fuel in a Lemon Lime flavor today, they also released Steel Pump in a Black Cherrie Slushie.

Black Cherry is already a common flavor in the supplement industry, and SteelFit is known for having some pretty good flavors as it is.

Steel Pump is a pre-workout supplement that is contains stimulants as well as some performance ingredients such as Citrulline Malate and Beta-Alanine. 

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Final Takeaway

Steel Pump isn't the best pre-workout on the market, however it is a good one overall. We like this flavor addition. Just like the Lemon Lime with Steel Fuel, this is a popular flavor already, and should be a hit. We can't wait to try this flavor for ourselves.

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