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SteelFit is a brand primarily known for their weight loss supplements and stage-ready approach to sports nutrition. They are a key brand trusted by many competitors to assist in looking their absolute best on stage. 

The evolution of SteelFit continues as they expand their supplement line in an attempt to become an entirely comprehensive sports nutrition company. They will no longer be a company associated with contest-prep and competitors looking to gain an edge under the stage lights.

Product Overview

SteelFit brings another product to the table that undoubtedly strengthens the comprehensive aspect of their sports nutrition line. We have recently published a full breakdown on Steel Beauty, so be sure to check that out if you haven’t already.

Steel Releaf is an all-natural pain relief product that can be utilized daily to help restore and repair your body. Many of you are probably familiar with BioFreeze, which seems to be everyone’s go-to for a “quick-fix” to acute injuries and pain. Steel Releaf is a product that goes much further than BioFreeze in its ability to heal and soothe your aching muscles and joints.


releafDo not assume that this roll-on product is just another mimic of BioFreeze. We understand the assumption can be easy to make, especially when you aren’t very educated in this category of sports nutrition. But that’s where Fitness Informant comes in. We are going to break down the ingredients in Steel Releaf so that you are aware of all of the benefits that come with it.

Lidocaine HCL 4%

Lidocaine is a local anesthetic that causes a temporary feeling of numbness in the skin and mucous membrane of the skin. It is probably one of the most commonly used ingredients in pain relief formulas alongside Menthol which we will discuss next.

Lidocaine is oftentimes used throughout the medical field in the form of a transdermal patch. This means the ingredient is contained in a patch that you stick on your skin. The lidocaine is slowly released and absorbed by your skin. The US FDA approved lidocaine 5% transdermal patches as a viable treatment for nerve pain caused by shingles.

As a topical anesthetic, lidocaine can reduce pain and discomfort through continual application to the skin of the affected area. We see in a meta-analysis compiled in 2014 that lidocaine serves as an effective tool to reduce pain in patients at a magnitude of up to 50%.

Menthol 1%

Next, we have another topical ingredient that is also commonly included in OTC pain relief creams and gels. Menthol can be naturally derived from a variety of mint plants, or synthetically made in a laboratory.

The main mechanism by which menthol reduces muscle aches and pain is by inducing a penetrable cool feeling on the surface of the skin. Menthol provides the same feeling as a mint chewing gum, which can be described as “icy”. After some time, the coolness will change to a warming feeling that soothes the muscles and joints. Some have described this as a distracting sensation and takes the attention away from the aches/pains that are present.

An incredibly interesting study from 2012 looked at the differences between vs ice when applied topically as a solution to muscle soreness. Researchers discovered that menthol was more effective than ice at reducing muscle soreness associated with DOMS. This study indicated that menthol can be a contributing factor to increase muscle recovery following a training session. This is an interesting discovery due to the overwhelming belief that consistent icing is the best solution to reduce muscle soreness.

Hemp-Derived Isolate (THC Free) – 300mg

This ingredient is a form of pure CBD powder that has gone through traditional extraction processes to remove all of the impurities and THC. SteelFit ensures that this form is THC free, which is good to know for drug testing purposes, however, it would still be better to stay on the safe side if you are being tested for whatever reason.

Essentially this ingredient is pure crystallized CBD that is added to the topical solution. CBD has been shown to provide many high-valued benefits to fitness enthusiasts and we have seen many top athletes and influencers in the fitness industry begin endorsing these sorts of products. CBD can reduce inflammation of muscles, soothe and relax stiff muscles as well as stimulate the appetite.

CBD is an ingredient that is currently being heavily researched. We do not have very many well-grounded studies that show its efficacy as a sports recovery supplement. While much of the evidence is anecdotal, many individuals swear by CBD as an effective recovery supplement.


Turmeric is a root that has been used in traditional medicine for centuries and has been known for a vast variety of different uses. Turmeric extract contains a bioactive compound known as curcumin, which is what is responsible for the anti-inflammatory and pain benefits this ingredient may provide.

Curcumin is the bioactive compound that inhibits the enzymes that synthesize anti-inflammatory compounds and increase levels of endogenous antioxidants. Research supports the ability of curcumin to provide small to moderate improvements to pain and function.

This ingredient adds to Steel Releaf’s ability to reduce muscle inflammation and soreness. 

White Willow Bark

The Willow plant family includes several different species of trees that are found in various locations across Europe, Asia, and some parts of North America. Willow bark is an ingredient that has been used for centuries throughout China and Europe and continues to be used today for the treatment of pain and inflammation. The earliest use of this ingredient dates back to Hippocrates in 400BC where the bark was chewed on for its pain-reducing effects.

The active compound in Willow Bark is salicylin, a compound structurally similar to aspirin. Salicylin was the base molecule that was used to create aspirin in the 1800s. Today, this ingredient is used as a natural alternative to NSAIDs, or in cases where people cannot tolerate NSAIDs due to gastrointestinal issues. It has been shown to provide efficacy in reducing pain in cases of headaches, and especially patients suffering from low back pain.

This ingredient is a solid choice to include to strengthen the anti-inflammatory aspect of Steel Releaf. It is an ingredient that has been used for thousands of years for a variety of different purposes. Willow Bark Extract has extensive research showing its capabilities and demonstrating its safety as a supplement.

Boswellia Serrata

Boswellia extract comes from the Boswellia Serrata tree. It is a gum resin that is also used as frankincense, which is burned for its pleasant aroma. This is another natural ingredient that has been utilized for many centuries in different forms of traditional medicine including Ayurvedic, Chinese, and various regions of the Middle East.

The primary benefit of Boswellia comes from the active component known as Boswellin. This bioactive component is thought to have some anti-inflammatory benefits that may specifically target the joints. Studies have also shown that this ingredient may provide some pain relief, while also improving mobility.

Two researchers in 2014 conducted a large meta-analysis including forty-nine different clinical trials regarding the use of Boswellia extract as a treatment for osteoarthritis. It was concluded that Boswellia extract shows promise as a source of moderate-relief of symptoms over the short-term. However, when used as a long-term treatment the literature is less convincing. It was noted that further studies are required to determine the optimum daily dose that will provide clinically significant benefits while minimizing adverse events.

Arnica Montana Flower

This ingredient is extracted from the flowerheads of the Arnica Montana plant. It has extensive use throughout traditional medicine that can be linked to its anti-inflammatory properties. Today this ingredient can be found in the formulations of a variety of product types, including skincare products, skin fresheners, shampoos, and yes, even sports recovery supplements.

It has been shown that the primary mechanism by which Arnica Montana extract reduces inflammation is by improving circulation to the affected area. When applied to painful areas of the body, Arnica Montana extract improves circulation to speed up the natural healing process.

When your muscles are torn down through exercise, you are creating microtears in the muscle fibers. Circulation is essential to the repairing process of these fibers for them to receive the proper nutrients. Your muscles also create lactic acid buildup as you exercise. The lactic acid buildup is a result of aerobic metabolism that occurs in your muscle cells to create cellular energy. This buildup is thought to be the root cause of DOMS, which can be reduced by improving circulation as it reduces the amount of time the lactic acid and cellular waste resides in the cell.

Devil’s Claw Extract

This ingredient is the extract of a plant native to the Kalahari Desert in southern Africa that is commonly used to treat rheumatic conditions affecting the joints, ligaments, tendons, bones, and muscles. These most common of these conditions include back pain, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and tendinitis.

Devil’s Claw extract is an ingredient that is not completely scientifically understood. Researchers know that it has a mechanism that disrupts several pathways that cause inflammation, however, they do not fully understand its pain-reducing properties. These anti-inflammatory properties are thought to be due to the compound, harpagoside. Even though this ingredient does not have complete scientific backing, its inclusion can only work to improve the anti-inflammatory properties of Steel Releaf.

Green Tea Extract

Green Tea Extract comes from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. It was discovered in ancient traditional Chinese medicine as a cure and treatment for a wide variety of disorders. We see this ingredient throughout the supplement industry for a variety of purposes including fat loss and heart health. Here we are using this extract for its ability to improve muscle recovery following exercise.

One study from 2018 evaluates Green Tea Extract and its ability to reduce muscle soreness and muscular damage. The study included 20 non-trained men and tracked their progress for a duration of 15-days. The researchers concluded that Green Tea Extract was successful in reducing muscle damage markers following exercise, but did not have a profound effect on reducing muscle soreness.


This ingredient is an ancient herb that is an effective treatment for muscle spasms. It includes 36 different flavonoids, which are all compounds that exhibit anti-inflammatory properties.

It is known that nitric oxide is a mediator in the presence of an anti-inflammatory response. A study from 2010 demonstrates the ability of Chamomile to reduce the production of nitric oxide, while also inhibiting the gene expression of the gene related to inflammation response. The researchers concluded that the study supports the utilization of chamomile as a useful tool for inflammation reduction.

Final Takeaway

SteelFit gives us an interesting product here with Steel Releaf. It is much more than your typical muscle and joint pain relief supplement. The main ingredients in this product are menthol and lidocaine, but we also have an abundance of other ingredients that all play pivotal roles.

The ingredients in this product are all-natural. While we don’t have the exact dosages we are getting, we do have a solid profile of ingredients that have firm scientific backings. The CBD isolate is a very unique and innovative approach that makes this product stand-out amongst the crowd so-to-speak.

If you are interested in a product that will reduce muscle and joint pain and improve your body’s overall ability to recover, Steel Releaf is a product worth your money.

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