USN To Launch Immune Health Supplement

usn immune

USN is back, and this time it is to expand their Vibrance line. The brand has already launched Collagen a couple of weeks ago, and will also be lunching a new weight loss collagen supplement soon.

The new product launching is called Immune Health, which is obviously meant to aid with a healthy immune system. While we will show off the profile here soon, rest assured it is going to be straight-forward with well-known immune health ingredients.

Be sure to stay tuned for more info on the ingredient profile, as it is set to launch within the next few days!

Final Takeaway

Another solid move by USN. While of course this will not be anything ground-breaking, it is a nice addition to the lineup, as USN is more of an inviting brand for everyone whereas you see a lot of brands targeting specific groups of people. Especially in times like these, this product should be a solid option. 

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