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Where In The World Is Sparta Nutrition?

By January 23, 2020No Comments
Where is sparta

Every now and then a brand makes a big splash or comeback, but then quickly disappears again. This seems to be the case with Sparta Nutrition. There has not been any updates from the brand since November of 2019.

Sparta Nutrition made a lot of noise in the summer and fall of 2019. The brand started out with the announcement that it was teaming with Jen Selter to develop a line of nutritional supplements for GNC. However there was no follow-up to this and the idea fizzled out. Sparta Nutrition then went quiet again until the fall.

In the fall of 2019, Sparta Nutrition attempted to change the way the industry looked at packaging by announcing they were going to add scratch and sniff labels to their products. This was unique and not done by anyone in the industry. The momentum for Sparta Nutrition seemed to be picking up.

Later in the fall of 2019 Sparta Nutrition created the noise it needed to catapult the brand into an upper tier brand (in terms of dollar volume). Sparta Nutrition announced three different authentic flavor collaborations with ICEE, Smarties and Dippin’ Dots Ice Cream. ICEE and Smarties flavors were going to be featured on their pre-workout supplement while Dippin’ Dots was going to be their Spartan Whey protein. The products were actually produced and sold by the brand.

Sparta Nutrition IGFast forward to 2020, just a few short months after the brand’s exciting news and it appears the brand has gone AWOL. A glance at Sparta Nutrition’s official Instagram page shows that all authentic flavor collaboration posts have been removed. There is not a single image of ICEE, Smarties or Dippin’ Dots. The page looks to have been recently updated with images of their standard products in BCAA and protein.

A visit the the brand’s official website displays a message that the website is under maintenance, and the brand will be back soon. There is an option to login via password.

We have not received any updates from Sparta Nutrition on the status of their brand, their products, their distribution, etc.

A brand that was once riding very high seems to have gone into hiding. As a fan of supplements, we would love to see them come back out with these authentic flavor collaborations. We have not seen many people as excited for a collaboration as we had seen with ICEE.

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Fitness Informant's POV

Once upon a time we had worked closely with Sparta Nutrition. The communication faded. After the fall I thought for sure the brand was going to cruise into 2020 with a lot of success stories. This is confusing to me and to many others in our industry. Going from announcing three authentic flavor collaborations, something this industry needs more of, to having a non-functional website is head scratching to me. We would love to hear your thoughts.

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