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MuscleTech Teases New SX-7 Revolution Launch

MuscleTech Teaser SX-7

MuscleTech has been active lately in the lab ready to bring out new products to their current users, but also to attract new users to the brand. MuscleTech has been teasing a new launch in the SX-7 Revolution Family. Here’s what we know about this new launch:

  • Coming Exclusively to GNC in July
  • Part of the SX-7 Revolution Family
  • 3 New Formulas
  • 1 New Flavor Extension
  • New, lower price points

It will be interesting to see what these products are, what the new flavor is (flavor is key these days) and what the price point is. In a shopping environment which relies so heavily on price, this could be big for the MuscleTech family. We will let you know more as we find out.

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