MuscleTech Reveals Four New Clinically Dosed Supplements

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MuscleTech Releases 4 New Clinically Dosed Products

Late last week we let you know that MuscleTech was teasing new products as part of their SX-7 Revolution Family exclusively at GNC. Well, today, they released exactly what those four new products are!

MuscleTech will be releasing the following:

  • SX-7 Revolution Shatter
  • SX-7 Revolution Amino Build
  • SX-7 Revolution Cell-Tech
  • SX-7 Revolution Shatter Ripped

Without seeing the full labels, here’s what we can tell you about these products:

  • They are a more concentrated, 1-scoop formulations of the SX-7 Revolution products
  • They use clinically studied, fully disclosed, patented ingredients at higher doses than previously
  • It will still feature MuscleTech’s exclusive Activsphere™ technology
  • They will be launched at a lower point starting at $44.99
  • Interesting new flavors: Jujube Candy, Miami Spring Break, Fruit Candy, White Raspberry Freezie, Strawberry Lemonade, Grape Bubble Gum

We look forward to seeing the labels on these very soon to make a determination for ourselves.

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