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Apollos Hegemony Latest Reviews & News

Apollos Hegemony AlphaMind V2 Review: A Big Blend of Disappointment
Believe it or not, this is not the worst fat burner I’ve ever used. However, I can’t find any reason way I’d ever recommend this to someone else. The flavor is forgettable, the effectiveness even more so, and there are much better options for your money.
Apollos Hegemony Brain Fuel V2 Review: A Nootropic With Promise, But Needs More Studies
Brain Fuel V2 from Apollos Hegemony is a unique nootropic featuring two ingredients that we do not come across every day, but still need more studies behind them to prove their validity that they can play in the nootropic space.
Apollos Hegemony Blitzkrieg Pre-Workout Review: Enough To Make It In The USA
Apollos Hegemony Blitzkrieg is a DMHA based pre-workout with promise, just needs some slight altercations to be a full-fledged player in the USA game of pre-workouts, but even with that said, it’s not terrible. Some ingredients would require a dual scoop, but because of other solid dosages of key ingredients, we are weary of doing that.