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LionEdge Nutrition Casein Edge Review: Real Fruit Infused Casein!
Casein Edge from LionEdge Nutrition is not your typical casein protein. Casein Edge uses real fruit inclusions (strawberries) to give you a different experience, a "fresh" experience. You also get the addition of Velositol, which ensures that the casein protein digested is used more efficiently. Casein Edge is one of the best casein proteins we've tried at FI.
LionEdge Nutrition Launches Industry’s First Raspberry Rosé Flavored BCAA
LionEdge Nutrition is launching the industry's first Raspberry Rosé flavored BCAA product in BCAA Edge.
LionEdge Nutrition Launches Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Post Edge
LionEdge Nutrition has expanded their flavors of Post Edge to include Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream; available now.
Brand Spotlight: LionEdge Nutrition
LionEdge Nutrition is a physician formulated brand featuring high quality supplements designed to improve your performance.