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5% Nutrition Launches Reformulated Full As F*ck

5% Nutrition Full As F*ck

5% Nutrition has changed the look and feel of their pump inducing product called Full As F*ck to include a whole new look with the white label and a new formula. Full As F*ck is a popular pump product from the brand that users were looking forward to seeing an updated version.

Full As F*ck SFPThe previous version of Full As F*ck from 5% Nutrition was loved by many users, but an updated formula was needed with new ingredients coming to market. The old formula featured Citrulline at 4g, Glycerol at 1g, L-Norvaline at 250mg and Hesperidin at 100mg. The updated version still uses Citrulline but at a dosage of 5g. We also get Glycerol again but at an improved dosage of 2g instead of the 1g in the old version. Norvaline is gone, as most companies are moving away from this ingredient and Hesperidin is also gone. The brand elected to go with 500mg Nitrosigine. Nitrosingine is an effective ingredient from Nutrition 21 that pairs well with Citrulline, or even replaces it. The clinical dosage is 1,500mg, so we’d like to see more, but it’s a better addition than Norvaline. 5% Nutrition also included 50mg of S7, a vegetable based ingredient that can boost nitric oxide in the body. This is at the correct dosage.

The one tradeoff users get with the new version is a 25-serving vs. a 30-serving, but it is a better formula.

The updated version of Full As F*ck comes in five flavors: Wildberry, Blue Raspberry, Fruit Punch, Blueberry Lemonade and Push Pop.

The updated version is available now for $38.99. Use code INFORMANT to save 10%.

Use code INFORMANT to save 10%

Final Takeaway

This was the first time I got to try Full As F*ck from 5% Nutrition. I actually like the formula, my only qualm is I wish there was more Nitrosigine in the least 750mg. However, the flavors are great and the pumps are nice. For $35ish you get 25-servings of a decent pump formula.

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