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Performax Labs Releases Label for HyperMax-3D


Performax Labs has finally “leaked” the label for their upcoming launch of HyperMax-3D. HyperMax-3D will be the first new product under the new look of Performax Labs. It will replace HyperMax and HyperMax Extreme.

HyperMax-3D LabelHyperMax-3D will be one of the first pre-workouts released to feature the new pump ingredient 3D Pump Breakthrough in its Pump and Performance section of HyperMax-3D. 3DPump-Breakthrough is a blend of Citrulline, Glycerol and Alma. Per a 2-scoop serving (our recommendation) you will get 6g. This will help increase the volume in the muscles aka pump. Beta-Alanine is used at the clinical dosage of 3.2g. Beta-Alanine can improve muscular endurance HyperMax-3D will feature another 3g of Citrulline as a stand-alone ingredient. On a side note, 3-5g Citrulline is all you should need to secure the benefits of Citrulline. Betaine Anhydrous is dosed at 2.5g, which can improve strength and power output, as well as recovery. S7, a popular ingredient when it was launched in 2018, is re-introduced at 50mg. This can aid in increase nitric oxide production.

In the Energy and Focus section we get a mix of stims and cognitive ingredients to provide longer lasting energy and superior focus. Tyrosine is used at a full 2g. This ingredient is gaining more popularity in the cognition sector. ThinFen, PEA, is used at 400mg. This is the “happy molecule” which can help improve mood and performance. The half life is typically short so mixing with stims helps. Caffeine is dosed at 400mg. This is a hefty dosage of caffeine that should provide hard hitting energy. NeuroPEA, Eria Jarensis, is dosed at 250mg. This ingredient isn’t used by many brands anymore due to the nature and the discussion around it, but it works well for focus and energy. Cocobuterol is used at 60mg. This is a theobromine type ingredient that can increase body temperature and aid in energy production. Citrus Aurantium, aka Bitter Orange aka Synephrine, is used at 50mg. This is a stimulant that pairs well with caffeine to provide long energy and potential fat loss benefits. Lastly, we get Rauwolfia Vomitoria aka Yohimbine is dosed at 2mg. This is a lot for a beginner, but for those who have a tolerance a 2mg dosage is solid. 

Overall, this is a unique profile that we don’t see every day. Based on the SFP alone this will be a pre-workout that will boost your performance.

No word on launch date yet, however the brand says it is coming sooner than we think.

Final Takeaway

I got to try this, and I filmed a video I will release soon. It is a great pre-workout. I took it before I knew the SFP and I knew that energy, focus and pumps were key in the formulation. I was right. I like PEA and I like Eria Jarensis, but we don't see it often because some consider it "gray" area. I am a fan of pre-workouts that aid in improving focus, this does that and more. When this launches I think you need to try it and see for yourself.

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