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5% Nutrition Launches Seasonal Apple Cinnamon Pie Real Carbs + Protein

By October 14, 2021No Comments
Real Carbs + Protein Apple Cinnamon Pie

It is fall season, so the influx of fall flavors are hitting the market. 5% Nutrition is going to play that game too with the announcement the brand has launched an Apple Cinnamon Pie flavor of Real Carbs + Protein.

5% Nutrition has several vacations of whole food shakes. Shake Time is a no whey protein shake, Real Carbs + Protein is more of a MRP and Real Carbs are complex carbs from either Rice Bran or Sweet Potato.

Real Carbs + Protein Apple Cinnamon Pie is a limited edition flavor. Real Carbs + Protein uses beef protein isolate, oats, rice and sweet potatoes. 

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Final Takeaway

As a fan of the Real Carbs line, this intrigues me. I like the carb sources in this. I prefer whey protein, but a lot of people are turning to beef as an alternative source. At the end of the day, I think this flavor will compliment this blend very well.

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