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Alpha Lion Jason Juice Coming October 18th

By October 11, 2019No Comments
Alpha Lion Superhuman Supreme Jason Juice

Alpha Lion is keeping their creative flavor creation streak alive with the announcement that a special limited edition version of Superhuman Supreme will be launched on October 18th called Jason Juice - Slaughtermelon.

Alpha Lion did something similar this past 4th of July with the launch of Freedom Juice. The formula of Jason Juice will be the exact same as Superhuman Supreme, which was recently brought back full-time but sold out in a couple days. Slaughtermelon is being described as a Watermelon Lemonade. Jason Juice will be a very limited edition with a special label.

The brand also announced that anyone who purchases a Jason Juice will be eligible to purchase a limited edition run of last year's Christmas limited edition Superhuman Supreme called Griswold Grape. There will only be 500 of these created, first come, first serve.

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Fitness Informant's POV

I love what Alpha Lion is doing with their limited edition drops. Superhuman Supreme is a strong formula, so we don't recommend it as a daily pre-workout supplement, but it is good. We loved the unique approach to the 4th of July launch in Freedom Juice, which now is the brand's full-time version of their Superhuman Supreme.

The other cool feature of this is if you buy a Jason Juice, you unlock your opportunity to get last year's special Christmas version in Griswold Grape. That may just be a collector item!

To see our full review of Superhuman Supreme go here.

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