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Alpha Lion SuperHuman Gut Launched

Alpha Lion has officially launched yet another version of SuperHuman. Like with SuperHuman Armor, this is not part of their pre-workout line-up. 

SuperHuman Gut is a digestive support supplement, that uses several trademarked ingredients with interested research behind them, such as CoreBiome. It also contains some basics such as digestive enzymes from DigeZyme®, as well as 6 Billion CFU of Probiotics from LactoSpore®.

They are running a sale directly on  their website, and one deal includes getting a free tub of SuperHuman Greens when you buy two units of SuperHuman Gut. If you want one, you can use our coupon code (see below), and get 15% of that deal. 

Be sure to stay tuned for an in-depth look at this product, as we have an educational article on the way.

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Final Takeaway

Great addition to the Alpha Lion line-up. With how important a healthy digestive system is, using the popularity of the SuperHuman name just makes sense in this case. We have been using this ourselves, and can't wait for you guy to give this a go. Gut health is more exciting than pre-workouts these days, and we applaud Alpha Lion for launching this. 

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