NutraBio Launches Classic Whey Banana Cream Pie

NutraBio has officially launched a new flavor of their popular protein powder Classic Whey. As the title states, the new flavor is Banana Cream Pie, which marks the 4th straight week of launches from NutraBio.

Three weeks ago, we had a Chocolate Peanut Butter launch, then the following week, we had Muscle Matrix get Ice Cream Cookie Dream as a flavor. Then just last week, we got Sweet Tea for their popular Super Carb product. NutraBio has been on it recently, and we like it! 

Classic Whey is a basic whey protein concentrate, however y0u do get the NutraBio quality backing, as well as full disclosure. With so many launches recently, we wonder if there will be another one in the near future?

Final Takeaway

Another week, another launch. We like this, as it gives consumers just another option for protein. Banana is a flavor that you either like or you don't. Gerhard likes it, whereas Ryan hates it. So most likely, if you like Banana, you'll like this one.

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