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Caffeine to Help Find a Cure

Well, we have some awesome news from Apollon. Not only is the brand making waves with their popular Hooligan and Bare Knuckles products, they are doing some really cool here.

Apollon has announced that they will be launching a products called Double Impact, which is essentially Hooligan and Assassin combined. If you look to the right, the label is posted and the profile looks POWERFUL. One interesting aspect, it contains NooPept, an ingredient not found in Hooligan or Assassin. 

Now this is not the only reason it is special. What makes this special, is that part of the proceeds will be given to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. This is due to the owner (Robi), who is part of The Final Scoop podcast, has a co-host of the podcast who’s mother is currently battling breast cancer. Therefore, we have an awesome looking product, along with a great cause. 

Double Impact will come in the flavor called “Blood Of Our Enemies”, and it will be launching on February 20th, which is this coming Saturday. Double Impact will be available directly on the Apollon Nutrition website, as well as a select few retailers.

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Final Takeaway

This is truly awesome to see from Apollon. Not only are they able to make some effective products, as well as cool products, they can also do something for a great cause. We really like to see friends come together, like in this situation, and support each other through tough times. We are excited to get the feedback on this one.

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