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Apollon Nutrition Casein, The Perfect Nighttime Protein

By May 7, 2024No Comments

There are many options when it comes to protein powders. From Whey and Plant type protein powders to Casein protein, Apollon Nutrition has taken the normal options a step further in an attempt to make sure you have all your nutrition needs covered . While Casein isn’t brand new, it’s something that doesn’t get enough exposure because its often misunderstood. 

There are a lot of similarities between a Whey style protein and a Casein. Both proteins ensure that the damage inflicted on your muscles during a workout is repaired in a timely manner, they are both great for a quick replacement meal when needed and finally they both also make sure that blood plasma amino acids are replenished asap, but Casein does it over an extended period of time.

Now what is Casein? Casein is actually the major protein in milk that digests much, much slower than whey, typically over 7 hours. While Whey protein is ideal immediately pre-workout or post-workout to provide a rapid infusion of highly bioavailable protein to your muscles that stimulate muscle recovery and halt muscle breakdown, its greatest strength is also a limitation in that it is quickly absorbed by the body and is better suited around exercise. Where as Casein generally takes around 7 hours to fully digest and absorb. Therefore making this the perfect bedtime “snack”. 

As an added benefit, Apollon’s Casein delivers a thick, creamy texture in which can be utilized to make a protein ice cream of sorts or even a protein pudding depnding on your prefertations.

Apollon Nutrition CaseinSFPApollonCaseinSFP

Unlike some of the other SFP breakdowns we have done this one is really straight forward. Apollon Casein delivers 25 grams of slow-digesting casein protein per serving to support long-lasting muscle recovery. Apollon Casein is cold-processed to preserve essential amino acids and key nutrients, offering unparalleled quality, purity, and potency. One 36g scoop allows this unit of protein powder to contain 26 total servings. The best part about this is that each serving is only 140cal’s mostly from the 25g protein with minimal carbs and fat.. This can be used during a contest prep, an off season bulk or even just by the average person whos trying to maintain their amino acid plasma levels during extended periods of down time.

Apollon Nutrition Casein Flavors 

While currently the only available flavor is Chocolate Peanut Butter, we are excited to see if there are any upcoming surprises. 

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Final Takeaway

If you haven't been able to try Apollon's Casein protein yet, you are definitely missing out. I have used many types of protein sources over the years and Casein is by far the most tasty contest prep "hack" in the vast amount of uses(pudding, ice cream, mix in, ninja creami etc.) Not only does it digest faster than some other sources, its just easy to transport, make, eat and move on. 

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