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Axe & Sledge FYRED V2 Reformulated And Better Than Ever

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FIt Butters

The fat burning supplement category continues to be one of the biggest categories of revenue growth for the supplement industry. The issue is many of these so called "fat burning supplements" are nothing more than smoking mirrors and bullshit. You could argue that for a lot of supplement categories, but who doesn't want to lose a "few more pounds" right?

A true fat burning supplement will do a good job of increasing metabolism through the right ingredient selection, controlling cravings through appetite suppression, regulate healthy blood sugar levels and increasing body temperature. Axe & Sledge FYRED V2 is one of those supplements that can assist in this area.

 Axe & Sledge FYRED V2 Fat Burner SFP

Axe & Sledge FYRED V2 has been completely overhauled from the original formula and is a capsule based fat burner. The serving size is 3 capsules. Each unit contains a 30-day supply of capsules.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine – 500mgASFyredSFP

Acetyl-L-Carnitine is an amino acid produced in the body which poses a variety of health benefits, but has found itself commonly included in fat burners as it plays an essential role in energy production. Carnitine acts as a cofactor to help transport fatty acids into the mitochondria of cells where they are oxidized to produce ATP; our cellular form of energy. This increase in lipid oxidation supports increases in lean muscle mass and healthy weight levels. It also promotes cardiovascular, metabolic, and neurological health by the following:

  1. reduces blood pressure
  2. reduces triglycerides
  3. reduces LDL (bad cholesterol)
  4. increases HDL (good cholesterol)
  5. reduces markers for oxidative stress

L-Tyrosine – 500mg

FYRED also features around half of a clinical dose of L-Tyrosine at 500mg. L-Tyrosine is a non-essential amino acid that serves as a precursor to neurotransmitters dopamine and noradrenaline. Dopamine plays a significant role in mood and motivation. While research correlating L-Tyrosine to weight loss is limited, it is theorized that through its dopamine-enhancing activity, L-Tyrosine supplementation may make easier to stick to a healthy diet regimen. Additionally, L-Tyrosine has a slight stimulatory effect, which may suppress appetite. There is limited research suggesting that when paired with caffeine, L-Tyrosine helps improve body composition in overweight subjects to a minimal extent.

InnoSlim – 250mg

NuLiv Science’s highly popular weight management ingredient! Innoslim has a unique mechanism of action; it takes glucose and drives it into fat cells which increases a hormone called adiponectin. This increase in adiponectin kickstarts AMPK activation, which is essentially your bodies “on” switch that controls your fat burning state. To keep things simple, InnoSlim basically overloads your fat cells with adiponectin to activity the AMPK enzyme. 

Caffeine Anhydrous – 150mg

Everyone’s favorite energy-providing, focus enhancing ingredient! This central nervous stimulant is well known throughout the industry; it is the purest caffeine source on the planet and enhances energy levels, focus, thermogenesis, and performance in the gym. It is backed my many studies and potentially the most consumed supplement in the world. While there are several forms of caffeine present in pre-workouts (ex. this is one of three caffeine sources within this formula), caffeine anhydrous is easily the most popular. At only 150mg this is a nice low dose of caffeine.

Theobromine – 100mg

Theobromine is a xanthine derivative found in cocoa beans that is used to enhance energy and elevate mood. It is similar to caffeine, but unlike caffeine, does not effect sleep scores to the extent of caffeine. Theobromine is typically used to provide longer lasting energy and pairs very well with caffeine. It also has been shown to play a role in insulin response, increases HDL (good cholesterol), and reduces blood pressure. 100mg is quite a low dose, as most pre-workout these days typically use between 200-400mg.

Capsimax – 75mg

Capsimax is a non-stimulant thermogenic ingredient derived from a compound found within red chili peppers. These compounds, known as capsaicinoids, pose the unique ability to generate heat within the body and are responsible for that heat sensation experienced after eating spicy foods. Capsimax plays a role in the mobilization of fatty acids from fat stores; this “frees up” fatty acids and allows them to be burned as energy. In one study, Capsimax increased free fatty acid levels before exercise and also maintained increased levels of free fatty acids two hours post exercise, which was significantly different compared to placebo. In several clinical trials, supplementation with Capsimax was shown to burn a minimum 6% more calories at rest over a four hour period. Overweight individuals potentially experience even more benefit from Capsimax, with one study reporting an average of 8.9% more calories burned at rest over a four hour period. There’s no denying that Capsimax is one of the more captivating thermogenic ingredients on the market. 

ZumXR – 70mg

ZumXR is an extended release caffeine. Unlike Caffeine Anhydrous, ZumXR takes more time to engage, which is beneficial combining with Caffeine Anhydrous. The Caffeine Anhydrous can hit first, then ZumXR can start to hit over an extended period of time allowing you to sustain healthy energy levels throughout your lift, but equally as important, avoiding the awful post workout caffeine crash. The 70mg dosage is perfectly matched to the other caffeine included here.

Advantra Z – 50mg

Advantra Z, a branded version of Synepherine, is used at 50mg. This yields about 50% Synepherine which would be 25mg. This can quickly activate the CNS and help aid in fat loss through increased metabolism and increased body temperature. Which translates to more sweating and therefore more weight lost.

Yohimbine HCl and Alpha Yohimbine – 2mg/1mg

The last two ingredients are Yohimbine HCl and Alpha Yohimbine at 3mg total. Yohimbine HCL and Alpha Yohimbine HCL are both popular for fat loss. To keep it simple, these two ingredients are certainly going to make you feel something. They can actually cause some intense anxiety and sweating in people, and is pretty much today’s Ephedrine, as it is usually paired with caffeine for fat loss. Yohimbine dosage comes down to tolerance, and 3mg from both Alpha Yohimbine and Yohimbine HCl is certainly going to be felt the first time, and if you up the dose to four capsules per day, it may even be too much for some. 

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Final Takeaway

If you think about the name "FYRED" from Axe & Sledge it only makes sense that the main feature of the product is inducing thermogenesis to burn calories. There are additional benefits such as water loss through diuretic, appetite control, blood glucose regulation/insulin sensitivity and more. From the ingredient profile we can see that this is a step above the original formula and seeing as prep is starting soon, I cant wait to use this!

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