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ProSupps Releases New Fat Burner Called Thermo

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ProSupps is known around the industry for their nostalgic Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde pre-workout lines. This legacy brand was once built on innovation, but then something happened. They went away from what made them great.

That has all changed now that ProSupps has new leadership. They are bringing innovation back to the forefront of their strategy. Starting that innovation is their new Thermo fat burner, a powder based fat burner that is sure to spice up your workouts.

ProSupps Thermo Supplement Facts

Fat burners are a dime a dozen now-a-days. While thats not always a bad thing, it seems like every other product you see claims to help you “shred that pesky fat” in X amount of days. But there is a subset of product in this category that truly do help you lose fat and they do it WELL. Lets jump into the SFP for ProSupps new fat burner Thermo and see if it measures up.

L-Tyrosine – 1.5g

At just over the clinical dose of 1g, L-Tyrosine is a non-essential amino acid that serves as a precursor to neurotransmitters dopamine and noradrenaline. Dopamine plays a significant role in mood andProSuppsThermoSFP motivation. While research correlating L-Tyrosine to weight loss is limited, it is theorized that through its dopamine-enhancing activity, L-Tyrosine supplementation may make easier to stick to a healthy diet regimen. Additionally, L-Tyrosine has a slight stimulatory effect, which may suppress appetite. There is limited research suggesting that when paired with caffeine, L-Tyrosine helps improve body composition in overweight subjects to a minimal extent.

Taurine – 1g

Taurine is a pretty popular ingredient and is found in many pre-workout supplements, and for good reason. Studies have shown that taurine increases blood flow, which is what performance athletes want. More blood in the muscle means more nutrients. This allows for a reduction in muscle fatigue by shuttling more oxygen and glycogen to the muscle cell. Taurine has also been shown to provide a slight increase in fat oxidation and strength output.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine – 1g

L-Carnitine is an amino acid produced in the body which poses a variety of health benefits, but has found itself commonly included in fat burners as it plays an essential role in energy production. Carnitine acts as a cofactor to help transport fatty acids into the mitochondria of cells where they are oxidized to produce ATP; our cellular form of energy. This increase in lipid oxidation supports increases in lean muscle mass and healthy weight levels. It also promotes cardiovascular, metabolic, and neurological health by the following:

  1. reduces blood pressure
  2. reduces triglycerides
  3. reduces LDL (bad cholesterol)
  4. increases HDL (good cholesterol)
  5. reduces markers for oxidative stress

The addition of an acetyl group makes Acetyl-L-Carnitine much more bioavailable; meaning it can more readily cross the blood-brain barrier and is effective at smaller doses when compared to other forms of carnitine. It’s often used for prevention of many neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, and dementia. It also plays a role in cardiovascular health and has been shown to lower blood pressure, reduce triglycerides, and reduce inflammation.

SunPS – 300mg

While not directly correlated to burning fat, SunPS (PhosphatidylSerine) is developed & produced with the latest enzyme technology under the GMP facility, advanced technology of SC-CO2 extract, solvents-free, and derived from the green sunflower seed. SunPS is ideal for dietary supplements and functional & medical foods, which can improve symptoms of declining memory, learning, concentration, coordination, and mood.

InnoSlim – 250mg

Ah, NuLiv Science’s highly popular weight management ingredient! Innoslim has a unique mechanism of action; it takes glucose and drives it into fat cells which increases a hormone called adiponectin. This increase in adiponectin kickstarts AMPK activation, which is essentially your bodies “on” switch that controls your fat burning state. To keep things simple, InnoSlim basically overloads your fat cells with adiponectin to activity the AMPK enzyme. 

PurCaf – 200mg

PurCaf is a very powerful energy boost, PurCaf is 90% pure organic caffeine designed to deliver a clean, powerful boost in energy, mental alertness and performance. It’s the perfect addition before workouts or hard endurance events. It absorbs quickly so you can get that bump in energy to start your workout sooner and fell it longer.

Dandelion Root Extract – 200mg

Dandelion is a very common ingredient in the supplement world, and is known to be beneficial for liver and kidney health. It is a known diuretic, and is found as a standalone, in liver health supplements, and sometimes you can find it even in fat burners such as this. This ingredient is beneficial across the board for a myriad of reasons but at a 200mg dose you’re sure to get the full benefits of its fat loss properties.

Rhodio Prime – 200mg

Rhodio Prime has been known to help burn some extra body fat but thats not all it does, there are many mechanisms that makes it a great ingredient to take a mediocre fat burner to a great one. Rhodio may be able to:

  • Improve memory, learning, and cognition
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Enhance overall mood
  • Decrease symptoms of depression
  • Combat physical and mental fatigue
  • Improve athletic performance
  • Regulate appetite
  • Improve blood glucose levels

To get the majority of the benefits Rhodiola has to offer, it’s recommended to take anywhere from 200 milligrams to 600 milligrams per day. Research shows that supplementing with Rhodiola is extremely safe and there have been very few adverse effects reported. Since many of Rhodiola’s benefits are attributed to its salidroside content, it’s important to find a high-quality extract that’s standardized to contain a certain amount of this bioactive compound. That’s where RhodioPrime comes into the picture!

Capsiburn – 100mg

Capsiburn is a non-stimulant thermogenic ingredient derived from a compound found within red chili peppers. These compounds, known as capsaicinoids, pose the unique ability to generate heat within the body and are responsible for that heat sensation experienced after eating spicy foods. Capsiburn plays a role in the mobilization of fatty acids from fat stores; this “frees up” fatty acids and allows them to be burned as energy. In one study, it increased free fatty acid levels before exercise and also maintained increased levels of free fatty acids two hours post exercise, which was significantly different compared to placebo. In several clinical trials, supplementation with this was shown to burn a minimum 6% more calories at rest over a four hour period. Overweight individuals potentially experience even more benefit from Capsiburn, with one study reporting an average of 8.9% more calories burned at rest over a four hour period. There’s no denying that Capsiburn is one of the more captivating thermogenic ingredients on the market. 

NeuroRush – 100mg

NeuroRush is engineered from Coffee Arabica Extract, also called Arabian Coffee. A regular cup of black coffee amounts to 0 calories and still gives an energy surge. It is for this reason, that coffee is one of the most preferred beverages amongst those watching weight. In fact, in certain diets, adding a teaspoonful of good fats like coconut oil to your regular coffee has also been known to boost metabolism, thus aiding weight loss. When consumed in moderate quantities, Arabica coffee is a great source of caffeine which aids energy boost to wake you up. As per the Academy of Sustenance and Dietetics, consuming less than 200 mg – 300 mg of coffee daily can help you enjoy the caffeine kick without the side effects on your health like hypertension, sleep disorders, and anxiety.

Paradoxine – 25mg

Paradoxine® – 50mg

Paradoxine® is a trademarked version of Grains of Paradise, which is a very common ingredient in thermogenics. Grains of Paradise is a natural source of 6-Paradol and 6-Gingerol, which has been shown in a human study to aid in fat loss. 

It has been known to give some supplements a spiciness to them, but we this can depend on how sensitive your taste buds are to Grains of Paradise. Either way, it’s a solid ingredient with some human data, can’t ask for much more. 

Paradoxine – 25mg

Paradoxine is a trademarked version of Grains of Paradise, which is a very common ingredient in thermogenics. Grains of Paradise is a natural source of 6-Paradol and 6-Gingerol, which has been shown in a human study to aid in fat loss. It has been known to give some supplements a spiciness to them, but we this can depend on how sensitive your taste buds are to Grains of Paradise. Either way, it’s a solid ingredient with some human data, can’t ask for much more. Here you’re getting 25mg of Grains of Paradise, which is a good dose. 

Undaria Pinnatifida – 2.5mg

In 2006, chemists in Japan have found that brown seaweed, a flavor component used in many Asian soups and salads, contains a compound that appears in animal studies to promote weight loss by reducing the accumulation of fat. Called fucoxanthin, the compound achieved a 5 percent to 10 percent weight reduction in test animals and could be developed into a natural extract or drug to help fight obesity, the researchers say. The compound targets abdominal fat, in particular, and may help reduce oversized guts, the scientists claimed. The brown seaweed used in the current study was Undaria pinnatifida, a type of kelp also known as wakame, which is widely consumed in Japan. As kelp forests are found in abundance along the California coast, the new research findings could represent a potentially lucrative market if kelp — of which there are many varieties — can be developed into effective anti-obesity drugs, according to the scientists.

Final Takeaway on ProSupps Thermo

As I am approaching prep this looks like a good option to get the ball rolling. The ingredient profile is impressive and we are very excited to see how this performs. Stay tuned for a more in depth breakdown in the near future. 

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