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Axe & Sledge Leaks New Pump Capsule Called Pumpies

Axe & Sledge Pumpies

Axe & Sledge has previewed a new convenient on-the-go pump capsule called Pumpies. This will be the brand’s first pump capsule. We are told that Pumpies can be stacked (and should be stacked) with Hydraulic, the brand’s powdered pump.

Pumpies SFPPumpies features a loaded label with key patent ingredients like VasoDrive-AP and Nutrition 21’s Nitrosigine. Users will find Nitrosigine, one of the most popular and rising ingredients in the pump market, at a full clinical dosage of 1,500mg. Nitrosigine improves the bioavailability of arginine which increase the body’s ability to produce nitric oxide. This will lead to improved blood flow and pumps.

VasoDrive-AP, a hydrolyzed milk casein, is dosed at 508mg. This is double what we’ve seen a lot of brands use (254mg) but also the correct dosage of VasoDrive-AP.

Epicatechin is dosed at a respectable 150mg. Not only does epicatechin improve blood flow, it also can aid in improving cognition.

Pine Bark Extract is dosed at 100mg. Pine Bark Extract has been proven to improve blood flow.

Per the SFP, you can see that this is going to stack extremely well with Axe & Sledge’s pre-workouts and even their current Hydraulic pump powder.

Pumpies is scheduled to launch on Thursday, April 14.

Final Takeaway

I love the idea of the new on-the-go pump capsules as an add-on to pump powders too. Why? Because they are becoming more efficaciously dosed. This is a big deal as traveling with powders has become more and more of a headache. We are looking forward to this formula from Axe & Sledge.

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