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Axe & Sledge Launches New Tropical Thunder Flavor

By October 27, 2022No Comments
Axe & Sledge Tropical Thunder

The newest flavor of Axe & Sledge's Hydraulic, Ignition Switch and The Grind has officially landed at the Axe and Sledge official website. Tropical Thunder is available to order today.

Hydraulic is Axe & Sledge's non-stim pump powder. Ignition Switch is one of the brand's pre-workout powders. The Grind is the brand's amino acid product.

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Final Takeaway

This is a fun flavor by the brand, but unsure on how it tastes as this was a shotgun launch. Once we get this at the HQ we will post our one-sip review to our official Instagram page (@FitnessInformant).

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