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Axe & Sledge Heart+ May Improve Cardiovascular Health

Axe & Sledge has done it again. Releasing another potent health and wellness formula to add to their growing general health line. With the addition of Heart+ it will join their other products including GDA+, Greens+, Reds+, and their other newest released product Liver+.

With increasing this general health line up next to their very well-known sports nutrition line, it gives them a bigger customer base to reach. Such as your day-to-day health enthusiast customer, who wants to just live a healthy life as they age. However, this Heart+ is also very beneficial for those who do compete in body building, powerlifting, etc. as the use of heavy stimulants and PED's can take a toll on your heart health.

Axe & Sledge Heart+ Supplement Facts

Axe & Sledge Heart+ SFP

The heart, the strongest and undoubtfully the most important organ in the body needs to be well taken care of to help with longevity of life. Axe & Sledge has formulated one of the best daily wellness supplements to help support the most important organ to help combat the hard use we may put it through including abuse of stimulants, lack of consumption of heart healthy foods, and lack of recovery that can affect the heart.

Rejuna – 1,000mg

Leading off this formula is 1,000mg of Rejuna, a patented form of a proprietary Arjuna Extract produced by Verdure Sciences. Rejuna has been clinically researched and shown to help offer positive benefits for decreased blood pressure and helping with blood flow. As Arjuna Bark contains a high antioxidant property that protects the heart muscles and blood vessels against damages from free radicals. Arjuna being a strong ingredient has also been shown to help with dilation of the blood vessels and dissolves the plaque to improve blood flow.

Citrus Bergamont – 500mg

Continuing this power Heart health formula, Axe & Sledge Heart+ will also help support not only healthy blood pressure, but also healthy cholesterol, with adding in Citrus Bergamot Extract. This plant has been found to have a lot of good antioxidants and ant-inflammatory properties, in research studies has also been found to help with lowering cholesterol. Axe & Sledge Heart+ is giving us 500mg of this unique plant as it is also highly recommended to start at this specific 500mg dosing. 

Olive Leaf Extract – 500mg

Keeping up with a powerful heart defense Axe & Sledge Heart+ adds in Olive Leaf Extract. Polyphenol compounds found in olive leaves have been shown to help directly prevent the formation of LDL or “bad cholesterol” from building up in your arteries. This ingredient anti-inflammatory properties and benefits will have direct benefit of increase blood flow and lower blood pressure, reducing your risk of heart disease, stroke, and heart attack. Axe & Sledge Heart+ has dosed this ingredient at 500mg, as in clinical trials it has been suggested to take 500mg-1,000mg to receive the benefits of Olive Leaf Extract.


Turmeric – 400mg

As most familiarly known to be used as a joint support ingredient to help with inflammation, Axe & Sledge Heart+ has added in 400mg of Turmeric Extract. Curcumin the main active ingredient in the Turmeric, has very strong antioxidant properties and anti-inflammatory properties. In research studies the continuous use of this ingredient along with a heart healthy diet, has been shown to reverse and help prevent several age-related cardiovascular diseases (CVDs). Curcumin will have this effect because along with the ingredients mentioned above it will also help with the prevention of place being build up in your arteries, that increasing blood flow and lowering potential bad cholesterol. Most studies have researched this ingredient from a range of dosing’s from 500mg-2,000mg, however in this formula Axe & Sledge Heart+ has given us 400mg, a very healthy dosing, as some consumers may also be getting this very popular ingredient in several ways and dosings throughout the day.

Grape Seed Extract – 300mg

Keeping up with adding in another strong antioxidant, we have Grape Seed Extract (GSE). GSE an excellent anti-inflammatory, and blood thinner, has been shown very strong benefits in the protection of the cardiovascular system. In common as the ingredients above it will help with lowering blood pressure, increase blood flow, and reducing oxidative damage. It will help also help lower your heart rate, which will help take unnecessary strain off of your heart and lowering your risk of heart disease. As mentioned, sense it is a blood thinner, those who are already on a blood thinner will need to consider this before usage of this product. As several studies have used a wide range of dosing’s of GSE ranging from 100mg-400mg, a recommended dosing of GSE can be dependent on variables such as gender, age, and medical history. Axe & Sledge Heart+ gives us a very generous dosing in the midrange of 300mg per serving.

Coenzyme Q1 (CoQ10) – 200mg

Lastly, Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) an antioxidant your body naturally produces, will unfortunately decrease as we age, and will be lowered by certain conditions and medications. However, you are able to find this universal antioxidant in dietary supplements such as Heart+. CoQ10 has been used in helping combat several health conditions outside of heart health including diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, statin-induced myopathy, and migraines. Being a unique antioxidant in usage of helping several health conditions, Axe & Sledge has thrown it into this Heat+ formula as in relation to heart conditions it has been shown to help improve symptoms of congestive heart failure. CoQ10 some research has also suggested that it might aid recovery in people who’ve had bypass and heart valve surgeries. Although there have been no established dosing’s, it has been suggested to take 200mg dosing’s twice a day, and Axe & Sledge Heart+ delivers us a 200mg dosing. 

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Final Takeaway

Adding this product personally makes me excited and more cautious of my own health! I'm really excited to see more general wellness consumers try bigger names in the supplement industry as Axe & Sledge as they may not have been appealed to many of their products beforehand, this will help the company grow and make the customer excited to try more supplements such as sport performance product they might not have been interested in trying before. Personally, this makes me want to use a product like this myself as I do competition compete that will put strain on my heart health while also in combination of the many stimulants, I do enjoy drinking day to day.

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