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Axe & Sledge Launches JST WRK Energy Line

JST WRK Energy

Axe & Sledge is behind the new talk of the town, JST WRK Energy. Many sports nutrition brands are flocking to get into canned energy, but it is not an easy route to take.

JST WRK Energy will feature Axe & Sledge's authentic ICEE collaboration flavors in ICEE Blue Raspberry and ICEE Cherry. They also have Glacier and Shark Bite as part of their initial launch offering.

JST WRK Energy features 200mg caffeine per can (12oz), Taurine, B-Vitamins and more.

JST WRK Energy can be carried at your store. If you're interested in wholesaling the line, please email them here.

JST WRK Energy is officially available now.

Final Takeaway

We did our one-sip reviews of JST WRK Energy and we enjoyed them. Glacier for me was #1 closely followed by Shark Bite. Then I put ICEE Blue Raspberry #3 and ICEE Cherry #4. These are a nice option and refreshing for those looking for just 200mg caffeine per can.

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