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Axe & Sledge Manpower: New Look, Same Great Formula

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FIt Butters

Axe & Sledge has given one of their original products Manpower an updated look to help match their growing wellness line but kept the same formula their customers loved. Anytime a company gives a top-selling product a new or "revamped" look many get worried they have switched the product formula they have loved for years. Luckily, Axe & Sledge only made cosmetic changes that involve a new updated label and getting rid of colored gelatin capsules and going to clear veggie capsules.

Staying with the same ingredient profile in Manpower still makes it a highly sought after natural test booster to help with a male's natural energy, muscle building capability, and libido. Manpower will include a few key ingredients such as Tribulus, Fenugreek, Primavie Shilajit, and Maca.  

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Supplement Facts Breakdown:

Tribulus Terrestris Extract 350mg-

Axe & Sledge has added in this Mediterranean fruit producing plant known as a puncture vine, not necessarily to help with increasing testosterone but to help with potentially helping with blood flow, fertility and libido support. Tribulus can be safely taken at dosages of 750mg-1,500mg daily for up to 90 days. In Manpower you will receive 350mg.

Mucuna Pruriens Extract 350mg-

This velvet bean extract is known to help with many things outside of supporting testosterone such as mood support, energy, and brain clarity and focus. Mucuna Preuriens Extract has been shown to help increase libido and natural testosterone at a dosing between 500-1,000mg a day. In Manpower you will receive 350mg.

Fenugreek Extract 300mg- 

A staple ingredient used in most natural test boosters on the market is Fenugreek. The reason this a very common ingredient to find in these natural test boosters is because in some clinical trials of a 500-600mg dosing it has been shown to significantly help with increasing natural testosterone. In Manpower you will get a 300mg dose per serving. 


Safed Musil Extract 250mg-

Safed Musil Extract, an Ayurvedic herb is known to help with increasing testosterone which can help increase sperm count. Safed Musil Extract can also help support testosterone in another way as it helps reduce stress and anxiety, which both can negatively impact a male’s vitality. With dosing dependent on multiple factors such as age and health, there is no set dosing. In Manpower you will receive 250mg.

Primavie Shilajit 250mg-

Shilajit is a blackish-brown tar like substance that oozes from sedimentary rocks worldwide. As unappealing as this “ooze” may seem, Shilajit is packed with an abundant amount of nutrients leading to several positive benefits. Some of these benefits include increased energy, anti-inflammation, boost in the body’s immunity and memory, and of course with testosterone support. In some studies, using the patented Primavie Shilajit it has been shown to help with increasing up to 20% in total test and 19% in free testosterone. A recommended dose of this patented ingredient is 250mg and that is exactly what you will receive in Manpower.

Longjack Extract 100:1 150mg-

Also known as Tongkat Ali root, Longjack extract is a great edition to any test booster to a men’s general nutrition stack. As Longjack has been shown to help with increase a male’s total testosterone, it has been also shown to help reduce fatigue, and improved quality of life in aging men. Some of these benefits have been shown to take place in as little as 2 weeks of consistent usage. A recommended dose of 200-400mg a day. In Manpower you will receive 150mg.


Maca Powder 150mg-

Maca is very intriguing extract as it provides several benefits in that for males and females. Axe & Sledge has thrown Maca in their test booster as it’s been shown to help increase a male’s fertility, sexual performance, and helps promoting men’s hormone balance. In addition to these men’s specific benefits Maca has also been shown to help promote a healthy stress response. In some suggested dosages you will find a range of 1.5-3.5g for when you take Maca as a stand-alone supplement. However, when you combine it with other testosterone and libido boosting ingredients a lower dosage such as the 150mg Axe & Sledge has given us is still effective. 

3,3 Diindolylmethane (DIM) 100mg-

Diindolylmethane (DIM) has been shown to help with helping adjust the hormone estrogen. DIM is made in the body from a chemical called indole-3-carbinol, which is also found broccoli. With the use of DIM in a testosterone booster it will help with adjusting estrogen and also freeing up bound testosterone, leading to better physical performance and healthy hormone function. A suggested dosing for DIM is 100-150mg per day, Axe & Sledge gives us 100mg.

Black Pepper Extract 10mg-

Absorbtion and utilization, that the name of the game when throwing in black pepper to a supplement. Black pepper will take some of the best ingredients to use and make them even better.


Final Takeaway on Axe & Sledge Manpower

With knowing how well Manpower worked before they rebranded it, I'm glad they left the formula the way it was as some companies will take something good, switch it and it is not as effective. Overall, I like how Axe & Sledge focus on all aspects of a males' testosterone support from libido to performance to overall energy. 

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