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Axe & Sledge Home Made: An Excellent Option for a Meal Replacement Supplement

By November 19, 2023No Comments
Axe & Sledge Home Made Vanilla

Axe & Sledge originally released their Vanilla Home Made in a 25-serving tub exclusive to their wholesale network of retailers. But as of recently it has been made available to everyone. Home Made is the brand’s delicious meal replacement powder featuring 48g protein, 46g carbs and 6g of fat.
home-made-sfp-webAxe & Sledge’s Home Made is one of the more popular meal replacement powders on the market. There have been some amazing reviews on the other flavors such as Sweet Potato Pie, Peanut Butter Cookie, Chocolate Brownie, Blueberry Muffin and Lemon Cream Pie. With the addition of Vanilla it seems they are looking to dominate in the Meal Replacement category. With key ingredients such as whey protein isolate, oat flour, sweet potato flour, DigeSEB digestive enzymes and Fibersol-2.

This meal replacement protein is formulated to ensure the customer is getting a good source of fiber with high protein to promote muscle growth and support recovery. This shake can be used post workout or any other time of day for a quick grab and go option that is sure to leave you satisfied.

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Final Takeaway

 After a few days of using this flavor in different "meals" I can say this one tops the list. Whether you drink it solo, add it to your Ninja Creami or even add it to oats/cream of rice you won't be disappointed. 

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