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Primeval Labs EAA Max Energy: A No Nonsense EAA Mix That’s Sure To Push You To The Limits.

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Primeval Labs EAA MAX ENERGY

When Primeval Labs launched their EAA Max it caused some big waves in the supplement industry with its amazing taste and hydration effects on top of its max dosed 2:1:1 ratio BCAA mix. Now they have taken it a step further with an updated formula called EAA Max Energy. Primeval Labs EAA Max Energy SFP

The new EAA Max Energy formula contains the usual 5g dose of 2:1:1 ratio BCAA combo you get from the original version but now it also bolsters a unique caffeine complex in the form of PURCAF, an organic source of caffeine from green tea. 

By utilizing a 50mg smart dose of caffeine per scoop this allows EAA Max Energy consumers more control over their caffeine intake. Now you can choose to have 1-4 scoops daily of delicious EAA Max Energy and keep your amino’s flowing.

This updated formula is available in 4 great tasting flavors. Orange Sherbet, Sour Apple Candy, Strawberry Mango and Cherry Lemonade are all now available at Primeval Labs website. EAA Max Energy was formulated to get you through those long intense workouts or even just a grueling day at work sitting behind a desk.

The cost is $34.99 but users can save 25% with the Fitness Informant code below.

Use code INFORMANT to save 25%

Final Takeaway

This EAA/Caffeine combo really takes the intra-workout game to the next level. Its great for those low/no stim pre-workout drinkers that want just a little push through the workout. Being able to be alittle more in control of your caffeine intake will also help those evening/late night lifters. The price point is very attractive as well given the quality of ingredients and possibility of eliminating caffeine pills or other similar products. I personally highly recommend the Orange Sherbet and Sour Apple Candy.

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Primeval Labs EAA MAX ENERGY

Primeval Labs EAA Max Energy: A No Nonsense EAA Mix That’s Sure To Push You To The Limits.

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