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Brand Spotlight: Iron Brothers Supplements

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Iron Brothers Supplements

Iron Brothers Supplements was a company founded by two men. Brothers you could say. Together they achieved some nice growth, developed several quality products and had a sight for the future. Ultimately, that sight for the future differed between the two. One wanted to focus on higher margins and dollar volume growth, while the other, Marc, wanted to focus on formulating quality products and providing them at an affordable price.

Their differences eventually led to a buyout from Marc of his partner’s shares. Today, Iron Brothers Supplements is ran by CEO Marc Burton. Marc is a guy with a passion for quality and change.

I’ve always considered myself somewhat of a supplement connoisseur.  I have been using supplements for roughly 15 years and basically was tired of paying top dollar for low quality supplements. I have spent the past 8 years working the directional drilling side of the oil rigs. With having ample time to work on what started as a “side hustle” and luckily enough some funds in the bank we decided to form the Iron Brothers LLC.  I was always intrigued 

Marc’s work ethic stems from the oil fields of Canada. Long days and sometimes long nights, taught Marc the value of hard work. But it also sent Marc down another path: alcoholism. Marc isn’t shy about his faults in life, openly admitting he is a recovering alcoholic:

I never hide from anyone the fact that I am an alcoholic, because I am proud to be sober for over 3.5 years now.  I traveled lots when I was younger and had many a good times but I am loving family life and running Iron Brothers at this stage in my life.

The question you might be asking yourself is how did Marc go from alcoholism, to finding passion in the health and nutrition space.

I fell in love with the drink, once the drink got out of hand I was waking up daily feeling like shit and began looking like shit. I would still supplement and go to the gym but it was impossible to burn off the calories consumed from drinking 15-20 beer the night before. Once I cleaned up for good my training and supplement regime grabbed another gear and I haven’t looked back since. I guess you could say I’m addicted to the gym now, which is definitely a good thing.

Marc’s story is moving and inspiring. To be able to go from alcoholism to co-starting Iron Brothers Supplements to today, the sole owner of Iron Brother Supplements and an eye on the future. 

My long term goals for Iron Brothers are to slowly keep releasing premium products that I, myself will take on a regular basis. I honestly can’t say I want to run the biggest supplement company in the world as I will be just as happy with a medium to large size company as long as the customers are happy with their products, pricing and customer service. 

Customer service is a big portion of what Iron Brothers does. Longtime customer and fan Bobby Janso loves them not only because the products are great, but because of the way they treat him.

One of the biggest things that keeps me coming back to Iron Brothers Supplement and Marc is that when you buy from Iron Brothers you are not a customer, you become a family member. They checkup and care about you, not only on the products, but your life too.

I can vouch for Marc’s passion in this space. Marc and I have been connected for several years now, as one of the first brands to work with Fitness Informant. Like many brands, Iron Brothers Supplements has some really good products. They also have a few products that can use some work. This is something Marc fully admits (this comes back to differing philosophies in vision between him and his ex-partner) and vows to update the formulas to ensure his customers are only getting top tier supplements. Iron Brothers Supplements current has 9 different supplements in their lineup today. Let’s talk about several of them now:

Iron Brothers Supplements Relentless V2

Iron Brothers Supplements PWO V2We have actually worked with this product before. It scored quite well in our full product review. It scored a 8.3/10 which is respectable in the pre-workout game.

The pre-workout contains several nice ingredients including Dynamine. We get 4g Citurlline to help with pumps. The clinical dosage of Beta-Alanine, for endurance, is dosed at 3.2g. Betaine Anhydrous is dosed really nice at 2.7g, when we typically see this at 1.5-2.5g. This helps with strength. Agmatine Sulfate is dosed correctly at 1,000mg. This is the precursor to nitric oxide for pumps. Taurine, for strength, is dosed at 1,000mg. A solid dosage of caffeine is used at 275mg. Norvaline, which helps promote more NO production, is dosed at 150mg. Dynamine (40%) is dosed at 100mg (this is the yield which is what you want). A great dosage of an expensive ingredient. Hordenine, used in fat loss products and for energy production, is dosed at 75mg. Theobromine is dosed at 50mcg. Huperzine A is dosed at 200mcg for focus. Finally, AstraGin is dosed at 50mg for absorption.

As you can see, if you are familiar with dosing, this is a stacked pre-workout. If you go to and use coupon code INFORMANT, you will get a 30-serving unit for only $33.97.

View our full review here.

Iron Brothers Supplements Relentless V1

Relentless V2This is the OG pre-workout featuring DMHA. This might get your attention. Much like V2, we start with 4g of Citrulline for blood flow, 3.2g Beta-Alanine for endurance, 2.7g Betaine Anhydrous for strength and 1,000mg Taurine for strength output. Caffeine differs as we get 225mg Caffeine vs. the 275mg in V2. This is done intentionally as Iron Brothers Supplements gives us 150mg of DMHA. This, combined with Caffeine, produces a great focus and energy without a big crash like DMAA would give you. Not a lot of products still contain DMHA.  Theobromine is used again at 50mg for relaxing the blood vessels. A strong stim, Alpha Yohimbine, is dosed at 2mg. This is a very strong stim that can impact heart rate. At 2mg I am OK with thsi dosage. We also get 200mcg of Huperzine A for focus. Lastly, instead of AstraGin, they use 75mg BioPerine for absorption.

Overall, this is another solid pre-workout on paper and one that is on our list to try. Same as before, use coupon code INFORMANT and get this at 30-servings for $33.97. Get it here.

Iron Brothers Supplements BCAA/EAA

Iron Brothers Supplements EAA/BCAAA popular category of products lately is the EAA category. Iron Brothers Supplements has been in it for awhile. We actually had the chance to review Iron Brothers Supplements BCAA/EAA product. It scored very well at 8.6 out of 10.

The product contains the 9 EAAs that you would expect in a supplement like this. We get 5g 2:1:1 BCAA as part of the EAA complex. The BCAAs used are quality aminos called InstAminos. We also get just over 1g of the “other” six EAAs to give us just over 6g total of EAAs. 

Iron Brothers Supplements also gives us an additional 5g of Carb10 for energy and pump. Even though it isn’t a lot, this will help fuel workouts and restore glycogen levels in your body.

We enjoyed the product. It did well in our testing. This product is available on their website for $29.97, but with coupon code INFORMANT, you can get it for $25.47 for a 30-serving. This is just under a $1 per serving. Go here now to buy it.

View our full review here.

Final Takeaway

What I really enjoy about Marc and this brand is their want-to attitude to put out the best products. He knows several products that were added need to be reformulated, and that’s what sets him and the brand apart from others. He doesn’t deny it, he embraces it and wants to improve the line for us, the consumer.

Maybe it is the fact that Marc didn’t come from money, or maybe it is because he’s faced his demons in life, but Marc is a humble person with big dreams and goals for this brand. Something I can respect and endorse. 

I vision Iron Brothers being a name that most regular gym goers can relate to and have at least tried our products. Started by a regular guy who didn’t have millions of dollars or millions of followers. Just a guy with a work ethic that you don’t see too often these days.  I see Iron Brothers being a name people can trust and well known for its customer service. I’m positive I will always enjoy interacting with people who support the brand then the same as I do now. 

The brand’s personal connection to their consumer is what sets itself apart. If you follow them on IG or Facebook you know they respond to all comments and respect the support they receive. It’s in large part to a pretty solid guy named Marc, but also because the brand produces quality, well-dosed products that we can get behind here at Fitness Informant.

We recommend the products listed above. They are well-dosed, effective and affordable. Make sure you support brands like Iron Brothers Supplements. We need more of these guys around.

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