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C4 Launches Arctic Snow Cone Yellow Can

C4 Energy Arctic Snow Cone

Cellucor C4 started out as a must-have pre-workout powder. Since the original C4, there has been a lot of iterations of the preworkout and the subsequent energy drinks the brand has launched. C4 Energy has expanded their yellow can line with the addition of Arctic Snow Cone flavor.

The best way to describe the flavor of Arctic Snow Cone is a bit citrus-like, almost like a Sprite. It is refreshing and delicious. Each can of C4 Energy contains 200mg caffeine vs. the popular 300mg (which is available in their Ultimate line). 

C4 Energy Arctic Snow Cone is now available on the website for consumers and through MuscleFoods for store owners.

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Final Takeaway

I thought this flavor was very universal. It can be used as a standalone drink or as a mixer (hey, it is summer). It is similar to Monster's white can, which people love. This is the kind of flavor profile that I enjoy a lot.

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