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C4 Energy X Starburst Is Coming

C4 Energy Starburst

It's been in the works for quite some time, but the news has finally leaked via the Vitamin Shoppe's official website. Cellucor's popular C4 Energy is partnering with Starburst to launch a series of Starburst flavored C4 Energy, yellow can.

C4 Energy will join the likes of GHOST Energy and Beyond Raw for collaborations in the energy space surrounding flavor. Starburst is a brand owned by MARS, Inc. MARS, Inc is one of the largest CPG brands in the world that make candy. MARS, Inc also owns Skittles, M&Ms and Snickers.

The C4 X Starburst collaboration will start with four flavors: Strawberry, Orange, Cherry and Lemon. There is no official launch date, but given the fact they are listed on the Vitamin Shoppe's official website, one would think they are coming soon.

Final Takeaway

So...I have to admit I have known about this since May, but we did not have a launch date. Hell, Vitamin Shoppe leaked it before I was even given authority to talk about it! This is a smart collab for Nutrabolt (parent of Cellucor/C4 Energy). Two great brands getting together to continue to raise the bar in beverage. I am not sure how much hands on MARS, Inc had in the flavoring, but if they did, and if C4 nailed the flavor these are going to sell like crazy. At some point we should be getting these in. Kudos to the team over at Cellucor for making this happen.

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