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GHOST Confirms Protein RTD Coming Soon


It was talked about when the announcement came that GHOST partnered with ABI (Anheuser-Busch InBev) to handle the distribution of GHOST Energy, but now it is official that a GHOST Protein RTD is on the way.

There have been hints along the way from both the brand and their ambassadors. GHOST CEO Dan Lourenco has teased a protein RTD on his personal Instagram with a selfie taken in front of what appeared to be stacks of plastic bottles used for protein RTDs (see post here). GHOST athlete Maxx Chewning posted a story months ago of showing what appeared to be a protein RTD and thanked GHOST for it in the caption.

On the latest episode of Building the Brand, GHOST CEO Dan Lourenco said, "protein RTDs are coming soon," This was at the 5:18 mark of the video. Dan referenced the back half of 2021 as potential timing of the launch.

We have not confirmed flavor launches but GHOST does own the Cereal Milk trademark so one could imagine we will see a line of cereal milk inspired protein RTD flavors.

More details will become available soon.

Final Takeaway

This space is competitive and hard to get in. You think of the big players, Muscle Milk (Pepsi) and Premier Protein (Post Holdings) have a lot of this space and are posting big numbers. Smaller players like Labrada continue to occupy gym coolers. RedCon1 is attempting to take on the space with their MRE RTD. It will be interesting to see what GHOST can do, BUT if we know anything after seeing what they did with Energy, the brand can do big things.

Just imagine seeing a Oreo or Chips Ahoy! RTD..think about the way that would look on shelf like the Sour Patch Kids GHOST Energy does...just imagine.

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