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Performax Labs Reveals New Look and Products

Performax Labs REbrand

The new look Performax Labs is almost here, and the official Instagram page for Performax Labs just revealed three additional products.

The new look will feature the brands dominant colors, blue and black, but will feature a sheet of blue on the front panel. The previous look featured a 1/2 and 1/2 look on the front panel with blue at the top and black at the bottom. The new look will also feature vertical text and benefits versus the horizontal orientation of the past.

The new look reveal also revealed three additional products from the brand. Per the official Performax Labs Instagram, SlinMax, AlphaMax and MassMax will be coming from the brand. We are unsure if these will feature a reformulated formula, but we do know the brand is keeping them in their lineup for the new re-brand.

Final Takeaway

The new look is MUCH more appealing and attractive than the previous. The bold flavor cues on the pre-workout, to the typeface and color combination works well for them. Performax leaned into the blue and I love it. It is great to see SlinMax, MassMax and AlphaMax make the cut to continue into the future for the brand.

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