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Core Nutritionals CORE BLAZE and CORE BURN. What’s The Difference?

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Core Nutritionals is a brand that has a pretty large lineup of supplements. Not only do they have some cool looking products, but they also have some of the best formulas when you simply look at their profiles. With such an extensive product line, they have options for various categories in various forms. Which may actually lead some people to confusion.

One question we get asked from time to time here on FI is what are the differences between Core’s various fat burners. Hell they have 5+ products that can be seen as fat burners, and all of them have their own way of helping people reach their fat loss goals.

Not too long ago, we posted an article on the differences between 2 of Core Nutritionals fat burners, those being Shred and Sear. Well today, we are going to be comparing two other fat burners from the Core Nutritionals lineup. Those two are Burn and Blaze. Both Blaze and Burn are stim-based supplements, meant to aid with thermogenesis, appetite suppression, and energy.

Let’s take a look at the two, and see what makes them different.


Blaze is a stim-based fat burner that comes in a capsule form. It has a wide variety of ingredients, and actually provides a lot more than just a “thermogenic” or “energy” booster. Blaze seems to be more geared towards helping your body utilize calories efficiently, as well as the other effects you’d expect out of fat burners. 

The profile starts off with Acetyl-L-Carnitine, which is common in fat burners. Carnitine is known to help transport fatty acid cells to be used as energy. While this is great, we have an even better form of it here. Due to the bioavailability, ALCAR can cross the blood-brain barrier, which allows it to almost act as a nootropic. There is a reason you see ALCAR not only used in fat burners, but in pre-workouts and nootropics as well. It has been shown in a study to be beneficial for ADHD in children, and has more research behind it as well. This is followed by Black Cumin Extract, which has been shown to be beneficial for fat loss when combined with a sensible diet.

Schisandra Extract is up next, which is actually a known microbial and has some anti-cancer properties as well. This acts against adipogenesis, which in simple terms is the accumulation of fat. What we like here as well is that Blaze actually has a 9% standardization of schisandrins! Next up we have Caulerpa okamurae extract, which is actually a type of seaweed. Just like Schisandra, it has research showing it to aid against adipogenesis. 

Now of course, we have Caffeine. Caffeine has a multitude of benefits, however most think of it as just a way to help with energy. While of course it helps with energy, it may also be beneficial for increasing your metabolic rate, as well as helping with appetite suppression. You get 250mg in here, which is roughly 2 and a half cups of coffee. This is actually lower than the industry 300mg standard these days, so that’s good to see. Following this you get Bacopa, which is a source of Bacosides. You get a 50% standardization out of the 250mg in here. Bacopa is known for its nootropic benefits, and is typically thought of for its ability to help with reducing short term forgetfulness. You’re getting a solid dose in here, and an ingredient we always like to see.

Now we come to Glucovantage, which is actually an ingredient from NNB Nutrition. It is a source of Dihydroberberine, and is commonly referred to as “Super Berberine”. It is typically found in Glucose Disposal Agents, also known as GDAs, and unlike regular Berberine, isn’t as harsh on the stomach and has been shown to be 5x stronger than regular Berberine. This ingredient can increase AMPK, as well as aid with healthy cholesterol levels. The main benefit of Glucovantage however, is for its positive effects on blood sugar levels, and just by looking up Berberine, you will find some great evidence backing it. 

Next up we have a very common ingredient in fat burners, and we love seeing it. AdvantraZ is a source of Synephrine, which acts as a very mild beta-agonist. It has been shown to be great for increasing exercise performance when paired with Caffeine. This is followed by Capsimax, which is a source of capsaicinoids. This ingredient can ramp up thermogenesis, and it is certainly going to be an ingredient you can feel. It has health benefits, as well as fat loss benefits.

Finally we have Yohimbine HCl, which is an alpha-receptor agonist. This is one of the most common ingredients in fat burners, and is often stacked with Caffeine. It has some research showing it to be beneficial for body composition, and is certainly one you are going to feel in here. 


Burn is an interesting fat burner that takes a different approach than Blaze, however still has some similarities, as many stim-based fat burners do. Burn, unlike Blaze takes stress into account, and it may be a little less intense as far as energy goes, which can be a good thing! Let’s take a look at what you get in Burn. 

Burn starts off with Acetyl-L-Carnitine, which we already talked about above. You get less in here, just 500mg, however it is a product you are supposed to take twice a day, so at 2 servings you are getting a solid dose. 

KSM-66 is the second ingredient in Burn, and you are seeing more and more brands use it in fat loss formulas. It is known as an anti-cortisol supplement, which is actually a more common way of looking at fat loss these days. Less cortisol (think stress) can have a lot of benefits, as cortisol can negatively impact blood sugar levels, blood pressure, sleep cycles, and more. Think of cortisol as your “fight or flight” hormone. While you need some cortisol and stress in your life, when you have chronically high amounts of cortisol in your body, it can be detrimental to your fat loss goals. For more information on cortisol, be sure to read our write-up on it here. At 300mg, you’re getting a solid dose, and if you take 2 doses a day, you’re golden.

Next up we have Garcinia Cambogia, which is a source of Hydroxycitric Acid. This ingredient has been shown to aid with appetite suppression. HCA may also help prevent the production of fatty acid cells from glucose. Now we come to another popular fat burner known as Green Coffee Extract, which is a source of Chlorogenic Acid. Chlorogenic acid has been shown to potentially inhibit glucose absorption, as well as lower systolic and diastolic blood pressure. You’re getting a solid dose of both when you take 2 scoops of Burn. 

Next up we have Yerba Mate as well as Cocoa Extract. Yerba Mate is a natural source of Caffeine, as well as Quercetin, Chlorogenic Acid, and Ursolic Acid. As for Cocoa Extract, it is a natural source of Theobromine, which is a xanthine (just like Caffeine) that may aid with energy levels without increasing your blood pressure. 

Speaking of Xanthines, of course this has Caffeine Anhydrous in it, which we spoke about above. This can help with energy, appetite suppression, and increase your metabolic rate. At 150mg per scoop, you’re not getting a ridiculous amount. Perfect for people who don’t need a boatload of caffeine to feel normal. 

Next up we have Bacopa Extract standardized for 50%, which is the same ingredient in Blaze. Again this is a common ingredient in nootropics, and it can help with short term forgetfulness, and has other nootropic benefits as well. At 2 doses a day of Burn you are getting a solid amount. Following this you get Zum-XR, which is actually another source of Caffeine. To keep it simple it is a time released caffeine source, and this will help with long lasting energy. YOu get an additional 50mg of Caffeine from this source. 

Finally we have SaffSerene, which is a patented form of Saffron Extract. This is a flower that is sourced from Turkey and Morocco, and has been used as a sedative and antidepressant. It can be used to elevate mood, and may even help with appetite suppression. You get a solid dose in Burn.

Key Differences

First off we’d like to note the similarities between Burn and Blaze. They are both stim-based fat burners, which provide energy, thermogenesis, and appetite suppression. You are certainly going to feel both, and can use both as a pre-workout if you really want to. 

So both fat burners are great, and we already have a review up on Burn. To start, let’s get the easy stuff out of the way. Blaze comes in a capsule form, whereas Burn comes in a powder. What you want really comes down to preference. Burn offers a nice experience with a nice flavor, whereas Blaze is more convenient. Another difference is that Blaze should be taken once a day, whereas Burn should be taken twice per day, typically spaced out or just 2 servings at once. 

With all of that said, they both take different approaches to how they help you with your weight loss goals. As described above, Blaze is a fat burner that focuses more on preventing your body from storing fat, as well as helping with blood sugar levels. The additions of Glucovantage, Schisandra, and Caulerpa really set this one apart from not just Burn, but many other fat burners in the industry. It will certainly hit a bit harder as well, as it contains more Caffeine per serving, and also has not only Synephrine, but Yohimbine HCl as well. 

Burn on the other hand takes a bit of a different approach. It not only focuses on energy, thermogenesis, and appetite suppression… It also focuses on mood and stress. One problem many people make with fat burners is they overload themselves with stimulants, which feel good for a bit, but raise cortisol levels, thus having potential negative consequences in the long run. Burn helps you space out your stimulant intake, and lowers your cortisol and elevates your mood in the long run. Certainly an approach worth considering!

Are They Stackable?

To make it very blunt, we do NOT recommend stacking Blaze with Burn. The reason for this is that both contain stimulants, and you certainly do not want to overdo those. Core Burn and Blaze are both stackable with Sear and Shred. So a Burn, Sear, and Shred stack is certainly an option for you to consider. 

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Final Takeaway

Not only does Core make some awesome fat burners, they don’t launch a product just to launch a product. Every product they have, even in the same category, has a different way of helping you achieve your goals. Just because Blaze and Burn both say “Energy, Metabolism, Lipolysis, Appetite” on the front, doesn’t mean they have the same ingredients in them. A lot different than just one being a powdered thermogenic and one being a capsule form, that’s for sure!

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