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Inspired Nutraceuticals LGND: LGNDary Cortisol and Muscle Building Support

Inspired Nutraceuticals has been one of our favorite brands here on FI for several years now. Known for their powerful pre-workouts in the past, they are so much more than that! Simple examples that come to mind are their Greens, Protein+, and CR3.

Well today we are going to go over another great product from Inspired. That product is their LGND natural anabolic supplement. Usually people are pretty wary of natural anabolics, however this one takes a different approach from many products out there. So let’s take a look at each ingredient and let you know what LGND may do.

Ingredient Profile


KSM-66 – 800mg

KSM-66 is the first ingredient in LGND, and it is a welcome addition. Ashwagandha is mostly known for its cortisol (stress) reducing benefits and is becoming more common in fat loss supplements, and for good reason.

It has been making it into more and more fat loss supplements, as too much cortisol can be detrimental to your fat loss goals.

You’re getting more than the industry standard 600mg. LGND delivers 800mg of KSM-66. 

Longjack Extract – 300mg

Next up we have Longjack Root, which is actually quite an underrated ingredient. Longjack has several uses, one of those being that it may help with cortisol reduction. It has also been shown to act as an aphrodisiac, and showed an improvement in erections as well. 

At 300mg, it is dosed well in LGND.

PurpleForce Purple Tea Extract – 100mg

This is a very interesting addition to LGND, and something we have not seen before in any other product. At first, we thought it was a new strain of marijuana, however that does not seem to be the case. 

PurpleForce is a patented purple tea extract that may aid with fat metabolism, inhibit fat accumulation, relax vascular smooth-muscle, and reduce fatigue. 

At 100mg, you’re getting a solid dose.

Laxosterone (5-Alpha-Hydroxy-Laxogenin) – 100mg

We have seen a lot of Laxogenin on the market in the past several years. It is one of the most common “natural anabolic” ingredients on the market. Laxosterone may help with increasing muscle mass, reduce pain, and improve sports performance.

While not our favorite ingredient on the market, it is still nice to see Inspired use a high quality source of Laxogenin, along with a solid dose at that. 

You get 100mg in LGND.

Cocoabuterol – 100mg 

Cocoabuterol is an ingredient that we typically see in fat burners, however it could very well be a great fit in other products. This is a patented form of Cocoa extract, which is a powerful source of antioxidants. Cocoa is a natural source of ECGC, as well as Theobromine. Of course these are not the only two, they are just the most recognizable.

Cocoabuterol may aid with fat loss, increase exercise performance, and improve cardiovascular health. At 100mg, you’re getting a solid dose.

AstraGin – 50mg

AstraGin is an ingredient from NuLiv Science that is quite common in a lot of products these days, and for good reason. It is a patented blend of Astragalus and Panax Notoginseng. It is beneficial for reducing inflammation in the gut, and it also helps with increasing absorption of certain ingredients.

At 50mg, it is at the clinical dose.

Horny Goat Weed Extract – 50mg

Horny Goat Weed is an interesting addition to this one. Typically you find this in male enhancement products, as it is a natural PDE-5 inhibitor. It has quite a few benefits, and may also help with reducing cortisol levels.

You get 50mg in LGND.

BioPerine – 10mg

Finally you get BioPerine, which is a patented form of Black Pepper Extract, and is a source of Piperine. This can aid with absorption of certain ingredients.

At 10mg, it is dosed well. 

Final Takeaway

While we typically don’t recommend “test boosters” or “natural anabolics” here, however this one is a bit different. We are huge fans of KSM-66, and the massive dose in here makes this worth taking at just 2 capsules vs the recommended 4. 

If you’re looking for a better sense of well-being, better energy levels, increased recovery, and lower cortisol levels, LGND may be a great choice. You’re also supporting a great brand!

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