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Glaxon Launches Naked Wonder Collagen

Glaxon Wonder Collagen

Glaxon has launched its first-ever collagen product called Wonder. Wonder has officially hit the website in an unflavored form called Naked.

Wonder will feature type I and type III collagens as PEPTIPLUS ioCollagen at 10,000mg. The io technology is an ingreident optimized technology that enhancing absorptions. Wonder will also feature Moldavian Dragonhead (as DracoBelle™ Nu) at 200mg. Moldavian Dragonhead increases the amount of collagen in the skin and leads to healthier skin. Hyaluronic Acid is used at 45mg. This is a popular ingredient in skin care products to help skin be healthier. Lastly, the brand uses 25mg AstraGin to aid in absorption.

The first flavor launched will be "Naked" aka unflavored. The brand does plan to release Frosted Cinna Swirl and Raspberry Rose soon.

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Final Takeaway

There has been a lot of emphasis on collagen proteins lately with the increased science behind its benefits with skin, hair and nails. This has created a new category called nutracosmetics. This is a cool formula backed by science. It is nice to see the new io technology being used, in collaboration with AstraGin, because one of the biggest complaints against collagen is that it does not get absorbed to be able to do what it promises. 

We tried the Frosted Cinna Cereal and it was delicious. The naked flavor will be nice to add into a smoothie or with your morning greens.

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