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Primeval Labs To Bring Back Vasogorge

Primeval Labs Vasogorge

Making its highly anticipated return in October 2021 will be Primeval Labs Vasogorge. The popular pre-workout pump capsules were once found on the proposed chopping block, but because of high consumer demand the brand has decided to bring it back under the new look and design of the brand.

We are unaware of a lot of details at this time, however we are told the new Vasogorge should be available in October 2021 and will feature an updated formula. The most recent formula of Vasogorge Black featured 1,500mg HydroMax and 254mg Vaso Drive-AP.

More info will become available on FI as soon as it is released.

Final Takeaway

I actually texted the brand late last week asking for an update on a pump powder. Primeval Labs makes a lot of great products but I felt they were missing something in the pump category. The brand said that they had initially planned to cut Vasogorge, but because they are asked about it daily they decided to keep it and bring it back with a new formula. I like the idea. More and more brands are finding success in the caps for a non-stim pump. Time will tell what this new formula is and how well it will do.

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