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Core Nutritionals Launches Australian Raspberry Chews ABC Flavor

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Core is back once again, and this time, it is with a new flavor for their popular BCAA supplement ABC. With how well they have been nailing their flavors, this one should have everybody interested.

The new flavor of Core ABC is called Australian Raspberry Chews, which has been inspired by a popular candy from down-under. Core ABC of course, is a BCAA supplement meant to aid in recovery, as well as endurance.

Be sure to stay tuned for more news coming from Core Nutritionals, as there are going to be quite a few more interesting launches coming from then in the near future.

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Final Takeaway

Nice launch by Core. It's great to see a brand not be afraid to offer some interesting flavors and not just stick with the usual fruit punch of lemon that you all too much of these days. With how well Core flavors their products, we are sure this will be a solid addition to the line. 

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