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CORE BALLS Coming Soon from Core Nutritionals

Core Balls

To many of you hardcore Core Nutritional fans, this is not news, but to most it will be. Core Nutritionals has been working behind-the-scenes on both a protein bar and a protein snack. While most of the industry is trying to come up with a new version of a bar, Core decided to pivot and create a new way to consume your protein snacks.

CORE BALLS are in development from Core Nutritionals. Yes, CORE BALLS.

Core Nutritionals CORE BALLS will feature Core Nutritionals' popular protein CORE PRO. It is in the early stages of development but we got to try some here at FI recently.

The brand sent us a pouch of five CORE BALLS in the Peanut Butter Cup flavor. We were told the macros are as follows, per five balls:

Fats: 12g
Carbs: 25g
Protein: 20g

These macros are right in-line with the popular protein bars on the market today.

Regarding taste, it was very good. The texture was a little dry for the first run, but I can only imagine this improves. Plus, it will have to be a tad drier by nature to maintain the integrity of the ball shape.

The sample we got did contain real chocolate chips and peanut butter.

Speaking from experience in the functional food space, there has been a large uptick in purchase dollars and frequency in this category, but you can only do a protein bar so many ways. Core Nutritionals took a left turn while everyone else was taking a right and created a new way to consume a protein snack.

While at General Mills, we were looking at this same chassis for a snackable good, something consumers are gravitating towards.

No word on an ETA, but just know that this is real and it is coming. 

Final Takeaway

As I mentioned above, I think this is a great move by Core. Doug and the team there have been having a hot 2020 given everything and this just adds to the excitement of the brand. We are looking forward to trying other variations and flavors as they get to the final stages of production.

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