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Core Nutritionals Launches Natural Mixed Berry ABC

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Core Nutritionals has just launched a new flavor of their popular BCAA supplement. ABC, one of the early adopters of BCAAs, has just launched a Natural Mixed Berry flavor. 

ABC is one of the better flavored BCAAs on the market, and contains Beta-Alanine to help with endurance. This is currently one of our favorite amino acid supplements, and is great to see them continue to add flavor options. 

Of course, Core is launching this with an awesome deal. If you buy 2 tubs of ABC, it will only run you $100. You can also use coupon code INFORMANT to save an extra 20%. These are no small tubs either, so if you’re in the market for some BCAAs that will last you for a while, this is certainly a great option.

Use Coupon Code INFORMANT To Save 20%

Final Takeaway

Nice addition to the line from Core. Core is easily one of our favorite brands here on FI, and they easily have some of the most impressive products on the market. Natural Mixed Berry certainly sounds interesting, and we can't wait to get our hands on this to try it out for ourselves. 

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