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MuscleTech Test HD: Reduce Stress, Increase Libido, Feel Good

muscletech test

Muscletech is a brand that has been around for quite some time now. While they have been through several rebrands, they are still considered a legacy brand, and they are still widely popular. Well, today we are going to be looking at their Test HD, and despite the negative outlook on testosterone boosters, might actually be a solid option for many to add to their stack. 

Test HD is a transparent testosterone booster meant to aid with healthy testosterone levels, raise libido, lower stress, and help with overall men’s health. 

Ingredient Profile

EnoSTIM™ – 600mg

test hdEnoSTIM is a relatively new ingredient on the market, and it is a blend of grape marc extract, apple skin extract, and saffron stigmata powder. It is meant to aid with men’s health, and has a variety of benefits. 

EnoSTIM works by increasing nitric oxide, which can lead to an increase in blood flow up to 50%. The Saffron in this blend has also traditionally been used as an aphrodisiac. EnoSTIM contains antioxidants, which will reduce the oxidation of NO in the blood. Be sure to check out more info on EnoSTIM on the Nexira website. 

You get 600mg of EnoSTIM in Test HD, which is the recommended dose.

KSM-66® – 600mg

The next ingredient is a very popular one, and you can find it in just about anything these days. KSM-66® is a trademarked form of Ashwagandha, and it might be one of the most popular ingredients on the market at this point. 

KSM-66 is typically used for its anti-cortisol benefits, as stress is a big issue for people. However KSM-66 has also been shown to be beneficial for increasing serum testosterone levels, as well as sperm count, semen volume, and motility.

At 600mg of KSM-66, you are getting a clinical dose in Test HD.

Tribulus Extract – 300mg 

Tribulus is the next ingredient in here, and while it has pretty much been debunked as a testosterone booster, it still does have some benefits for men. 

According to a study done on men, Tribulus was shown to be beneficial for erectile dysfunction among other men’s health issues. It is also widely used for libido, and is still one of the more popular ingredients on the market.

You get 300mg of Tribulus Extract in Test HD.

PrimaVie® Shilajit Extract – 200mg

Shilajit is up next and it is becoming more popular in men’s health supplements. Shilajit is a natural source of Fulvic Acid, and you get a 50% standardization of it here. 

According to a study done on men ages 45+, Shilajit was shown to actually increase testosterone levels when compared to a placebo.

You get 200mg of Shilajit in Test HD.

Boron Citrate – 200mg (Supplying 5% Boron)

Boron is an ingredient that you typically find in testosterone boosters, however it does not get the same attention many other ingredients do. 

There is some evidence showing that Boron may increase free testosterone levels as well as lower estradiol. There are studies showing that it may not be that beneficial however. Either way, it is not a bad addition and it is nice to see in here.

You get 200mg of Boron Citrate, which supplies 10mg of Boron, which is a good dose. 

Maca Extract – 200mg

The next ingredient in test HD is Maca, and this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Maca is well known for it’s libido boosting benefits.

Maca does not boost testosterone, however it has been shown to increase libido without affecting hormonal levels. It is great to see in here, and many experience a boost in energy from it as well.

You get 200mg of Maca Extract in Test HD.

Stinging Nettle – 100mg

Stinging Nettle is a common ingredient in men’s health supplements, and you typically see it in Prostate Health supplements. 

Stinging Nettle has been shown to inhibit the conversion of Testosterone into DHT. DHT may cause BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia), or in other words an enlarged prostate, and it is great to see this ingredient in Test HD.

Stinging Nettle also has quite a few benefits, and it may ever lower blood pressure and be beneficial for 

You get 200mg of Stinging Nettle in Test HD.

Longjack Extract – 100mg

The last ingredient in Test HD is Longjack, and is popular in men’s health supplements. Also known as Tongkat Ali, it has a variety of benefits. 

To start, it has been shown to be beneficial for cortisol, which is something that is quite popular these days.

While it isn’t really proven as a testosterone booster, it has been shown to be quite an effective libido booster.

You get 100mg of Longjack Extract in Test HD.

Final Takeaway

While we usually aren’t fans of Testosterone support supplements, this one actually has some benefits to it that we can’t ignore. If you look at it as a libido, anti-cortisol, and men’s wellness supplement, it is a solid option. We love the additions of Stinging Nettle and KSM-66, and the EnoSTIM is certainly interesting. Well worth trying out if you are in the market for a men’s health supplement.

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