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Revive MD Now Offering Free Blood Work To Customers

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We love Revive MD here on Fitness Informant. Not only do they make products that people should be taking, and they have just done something to prove that they are a step ahead of the competition. 

As the title states, Revive MD will now be offering free blood work, and they make the process of it quite simple. All you need is proof of purchase, a copy of your drivers license, and proof of insurance. If you do not have insurance, Revive MD still does offer this for a flat fee.

The blood work will show your lipid profile, organ function values, vitamin levels, hormone function levels, complete blood count, and more health markers. This is all meant as a way to show you how Revive MD products are helping you. 

This is simply awesome to see, as Revive MD doesn’t just simply want to sell you health products… they actually want you to know that you are healthy. Many people do not get regular blood work, which is something that we wish would change. While exercise and a healthy diet are essential, it certainly does help to take a look at you blood work frequently to see how healthy you actually are.

For more info on this service from Revive MD, be sure to check out the link below, and take a look at their extensive line of health supplements.

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Final Takeaway

This is awesome to see, and we really have to give kudos to Revive MD for this. While many simply take supplements and hope they work, Revive MD is offering a way for you to actually see how their products are helping you, and more importantly, where your health markers stand. We highly recommend trying this out if you don't get regular blood work, as you may find something out about your health that you didn't know before.

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