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Core Nutritionals CORE Sear and CORE Shred. What’s The Difference?

Sometimes, a brand becomes so great at formulating and dropping products that they eventually have multiple products in the same category. For example some brands have multiple pre-workouts with different aspects to them. Well today, we are looking at Core Nutritionals and their weight management products. 

Core Nutritionals is certainly one of the top brands on the market, and they have expanded so much that they now have multiple weight loss supplements. Two of them are stim-based, and two are stim-free. For this piece, we are looking at the two non-stim products, CORE Shred and CORE Sear. 

We consider Shred and Sear two solid products for assisting in your fat loss goals, and here are some key differences between them. 


Sear is a capsule based non-stim thermogenic, and shows that you can have an effective fat burner even with just 4 ingredients. Sometimes the kitchen sink approach isn’t necessary to make a great product.

To start off Sear, the main purpose of Sear is to “brown” fatty acid cells. There are both white fat cells, and brown fat cells in your body. White fats main purpose is there to store energy, whereas brown fat burns excess calories for the body to use as energy. More brown fat = more calories burned to put it simply. With this in mind, Sear may help your body prevent fat build up even when you’re in a caloric surplus! 

Sear starts off with an interesting ingredient called Sinetrol XPur, which is an ingredient that consists of citrus fruit polyphenols. This ingredient has some solid research behind it, something Core Nutritionals is big on. It’s main function is to increase cAMP (cyclic AMP). This can increase lipase, as well as help brown your fat cells. It can also increase UCP, which can help with thermogenesis. Following this you get MitoBurn, which works in a different way.

MitoBurn is a myokine, and is actually an ingredient called L-BAIBA. This is released from your skeletal muscle during exercise. This not only can help with the browning of fat, but can also prevent your body from converting brown fat cells to white fat cells. It is also a great way to help with insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance. It is a way to get many of the benefits of exercise in a pill. 

Next up we have Coleus Forskohlii, which is a source of “Forskolin”. Forskolin has been shown in a study to help with reducing appetite as well as reducing fatigue. This study used 250mg of Forskolin, which is exactly what we get here in Sear. Finally we have Paradoxine, which is a trademarked form of Grains of Paradise. This is a source of 6-Paradol, and has been shown in humans to be beneficial in fat loss.

CORE Shred

Shred is the other non-stim fat burner, and this one comes in a capsule form. To get this out of the way, Shred actually shares some of the same ingredients as Sear. Shred starts off with 1 full gram of Acetyl-L-Carnitine, which is actually our favorite form of Carnitine here on FI. This is typically found in fat burners, as it may help transport fatty cells to be used as energy. ALCAR has more benefits however, and you actually find it in many pre-workouts and nootropics, as it can help with focus as well.

One interesting ingredient you find in Shred is Olive Extract, which is standardized to 20% oleuropein. This acts as an antioxidant, and has a wide array of health benefits. Besides the health benefits of Olive, it does have an animal study done on mice on high-fat diets showing it to have some potential fat loss benefits. So while you should be taking it for the health benefits, it also has some potential fat loss benefits as well. 

Just like Sear, we have Coleus Forskohlii root extract in Shred We won’t talk about it again, as we already covered it’s benefits above, however we will note that you get half the dose of it per serving in Shred, the reason behind that is that you can take Shred twice per day, which will give you the same 250mg as Sear. 

One very interesting ingredient in Shred is CapsiAtra, which is actually a capinoid found in sweet pepper. It has similar effects as the more commonly used ingredient called “capsaicin”, however unlike that one it does not have the same “burning” sensation you get. This is a great ingredient for thermogenesis, and certainly one you are going to feel. 

Just like Sear, you also get Grains of Paradise in Shred, for the exact same reasons as mentioned above. You get a little less than what you get in Sear, however again, that is because Shred can be taken more than once per day. 

Finishing this profile off, you get Pro-GBB, which has been very popular in the sports nutrition world in recent years. It is an ingredient that can increase Carnitine levels in the body. Now that’s great, but many LOVE this ingredient for one of its side effects. Pro-GBB has this particular aspect to it that makes it so fun for cardio, and that is sweat! GBB has the ability to make you sweat profusely, even when you’re not really doing anything. You can seriously be sitting at your desk at work or driving your car, and you may notice some sweat beads dripping down your forehead. So not only do you get the benefits of Carnitine, you also get the “feel” that many people look for.

CORE Sear vs. CORE Shred: Key differences

So just looking at Sear, the main purpose of it is to help with the “browning” of fat. It also has the benefits of exercise in a bottle with the addition of MitoBurn. Shred on the other hand, while having some similar ingredients, also has ingredients that work through various pathways, such as production of Carnitine in the body. 

CORE Sear vs. CORE Shred: Are they stackable?

Core Sear and Shred are stackable, and while some ingredients overlap, they both have ingredients that are different enough to hit fat loss through various pathways.

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Final Takeaway

We love both products here on FI. Not only are they stackable, but they are EFFECTIVE. CORE Shred can certainly make you sweat and concentrate harder, and CORE Sear can help in another way. You can't go wrong with either, and we actually like adding a simple caffeine source to Shred to use as a type of thermogenic preworkout. Well worth trying out both!

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