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Merica Labz Teases New Red, White and Boom

Merica Labz Red, White & Boom

Merica Labz has made a resurgence onto the sports nutrition market. The brand announced a relaunch of sorts that started with their popular energy drink Merica Energy. The brand is now teasing new looks and new products via their social media.

Per the official Merica Labz Instagram (@mericalabz) it appears a new look and potentially a reformulated Red, White & Boom pre-workout is on the way. The flavor shown was Back in Black Lemonade. The new look is on par with the Merica Energy Drinks.

No more details were released, but the Instgram page said more details were going to be released soon.

Final Takeaway

Red, White & Boom was a classic in my household. I enjoyed the formula and the effect it gave me. The new look Red, White & Boom may boost a new formula, one to which I am not entirely privy on, but I can confirm it will not be the same formula on the OG version. More details to come soon!

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