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Ambrosia Collective Root Beer Flavored Nektar Now Available

Root Beer Nektar

The Ambrosia Collective has officially launched their newest flavor off their popular super foods product Nektar. The newest flavor is Root Beer, a unique flavor not done by many.

Root Beer flavored Nektar is the fifth flavor of Nektar from Ambrosia. They also have Fruit Symphony, Strawberry Basil, Apple Symphony and Sour Gummy Candy.

Root Beer flavored Nektar is available now at Ambrosia's official website.

Final Takeaway

Amrbosia is a unique company with even more unique personalities behind it. Sean Torbati, Mike Rashid, CT Fletcher, Marc Lobliner...very different people on the surface, but they all came together to make better well-being products like Nektar. I am a fan of this profile, and I cannot wait to try this flavor.

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